NXT Takeover: New York Predictions

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It's MikeJC back with another piece, and today I'm talking all about the card of NXT Takeover: New York.  Once again NXT has some great storylines and matches setup for their show before a big pay-per-view.  Some of which with some unfortunate circumstances to go along with them.  As everyone knows by now Tommaso Ciampa unfortunately had to relinquish the NXT Championship due to having emergency neck surgery, I certainly hope he has a speedy recovery and sadly we won't get the epic payoff of his long standing feud with Johnny Gargano, a match I'm sure would have stole the show again like they had before.  So with that said, lets get underway and talk about the card for NXT Takeover: New York.

NXT UK Championship
(C) Pete Dunne vs. Walter
Since the day that Walter arrived at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool this is the only match we've wanted to see.  There isn't a bigger name in the UK scene then Walter right now, and their isn't a bigger challenge for him to topple then the 680+ day reign of the UK Champion, Pete Dunne.  This match has the potential to be the best match of the night (which can really be said about the entire card to be quite honest).  The clashing styles of these two and the chemistry they most definitely already have from previous work in the UK indies.  Prepare for one heck a technical showcase, and I have to pick Walter to win here.  Walter is just the man to end the monumental reign of Dunne, and as I said earlier it's going to be one hell of a match.

NXT Tag Team Championship
(C) War Raiders vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet
Now based on everything we've seen from Black & Ricochet as a team they are one hell of a duo, but with that said, this is without a doubt their swan song in NXT.  This match is going to be a classic for sure, the War Raiders are without a doubt the standard bearer of the new crop of tag teams in NXT, and I expect them to carry that division for quite a while until the right team comes along.  Now based on the track record of everyone in this match, it has the potential to be Undisputed Era vs. Moustache Mountain good.  Watch any of those matches, they might be some of the best tag team matches of the modern era.  This match can and will be that good.  The clashing styles of the striking/high flying ability of Black and Ricochet, the agile/powerhouse style of the War Raiders.  It's going to be a classic, and the War Raiders will retain.

NXT Women's Championship
(C) Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair vs. Io Shirai

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a fan of Bianca Belair, I don't get the hype of her, but I will admit she's a great athlete, and I'm not going to say she doesn't deserve to be here because she does.  I want to like her, I think I dislike her character.  As far as everyone else goes, they are all great performers, Shayna is a pure heel and she's great at it.  Io and Kairi are great baby face high flyers who can work with anyone and have a great match with anyone, I'm hoping that everyone works good together and puts on a great match and I'm going to pick Io to win this one, Kairi isn't going to be champ again for a while if at all, Bianca's time will come but not now, and I think Shayna is main roster bound after mania.  So Io Shirai will win and carry the division for the foreseeable future. Also heard rumors of this becoming the ladder match of the weekend but we'll see if that happens.

NXT North American Championship
(C) Velveteen Dream vs. Matt Riddle
Velveteen Dream might have the most potential of anyone on the entire roster.  He's the total package, charisma, athleticism, in ring ability, he has it all.  The same can be said about his opponent, Matt Riddle.  This might be the hardest match on the card to predict, Matt Riddle is still undefeated in singles competition, but Velveteen is on such a roll that it be a crime to beat him right now.  I'm super excited to see the match these two could put together, and I don't even want to predict it, but I'm picking Velveteen to retain.  It doesn't hurt Matt Riddle to lose, it gives him more to fight for and prove himself even more for when he eventually moves up to the NXT Championship picture which I think he will down the line, maybe around Summerslam time.

NXT Championship
2 Out of 3 Falls Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole
As I said at the beginning of this, it's unfortunate we can't get the true pay off to the long standing Gargano/Ciampa feud, but when one door closes, another one opens, enter Adam Cole.  I knew I wanted this match, I think we all knew we wanted this match, and there's nobody better to take Ciampa's place in this match.  Adam Cole is a true heel in every sense of the word, you'd never know it by his reaction because hardcore fans know how good he is, we know he can take anything and turn it to gold.  The same can be said about Gargano on the face side, no matter who he's going up against, we sympathize with Gargano, he's the heart and soul of NXT, he is NXT, we want to see him succeed because he cares as much as we do about wrestling.  I'm not a huge fan of the 2 out of 3 falls stipulation, because usually that results in quick falls either early on or at the end, but knowing how good these two men are at what they do and knowing they could not only have the match of the night, but the match of the entire weekend, says a lot about them as true talents.  With all of that said, I'm picking Adam Cole for the soul purpose that even though we expect Gargano to win, because he was definitely going to beat Ciampa, for that reason, it's expected for a swerve to happen and for Gargano to continue to chase his dream of being NXT Champion down the line.  Now I could be very wrong and to be completely honest I'd be happy with whoever wins this match.

Ok I've gone on long enough, to sum up I'm super excited about NXT Takeover: New York, and this is going to be a busy wrestling week for all of us and I'll be back with predictions for ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard and WrestleMania (that's gonna be a long one).  For now thanks to everyone who took the time to see what I had to say.  Until next time, MikeJC signing off.

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