New Japan Cup, Night 8 & 9, Semi-Finals & Finals

So last night, LIJ won of all of their matches and of course, Okada won making this semi-finals round very interesting.  For the most part this tournament has been really good and also shocking with some of the results.  It seems to me like they've been building to a particular rematch and I will discuss that later, as in this article I'll be I'll be giving my predictions for the finals as well.  Here's an updated bracket to this point.

Night 8, Semi-FinalsHiromu Takahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada

This going to be...amazing.  I can't wait to watch this match.  I've been saying it over and over again, Hiromu Takahashi, has the brightest future of pretty much anyone in this tournament.  The problem here is, he's facing the golden goose.  Again, I don't want people to think I hate Okada, he's so good at what he does he's one of the best in the world at it.  I'm just tired of seeing him win all the time, and being protected so often even whe…

New Japan Cup, Night 7, Quarter Final Matches

The quarter finals are here, the Elite Eight of the New Japan Cup, and to say I'm surprised by some of the participants is an understatement.  Then again, some of them (Okada) are not surprising at all.  So I'm gonna breakdown all of the quarter final match-ups, and give my thoughts and predictions on them. Also let's not forget three out of the four matches are first time meetings in one-on-one matches.  Here is an updated bracket to where we stand at the moment.  

Night 7 - Quarter FinalsTomohiro Ishii vs. Hiromu Takahashi

This match, out of all the Quarter finals matches, is the toughest one for me to call.  This is one of those first time singles meetings I was talking about.  The reason I'm so up in the air because I can see it from both sides, to give an idea on my thoughts of the later matches.  I can see one side being Chaos versus Chaos, and the other being LIJ versus LIJ, but I can also see Okada being the lone survivor with every other participant being LIJ.  …

New Japan Cup, Night 6, Tournament Matches Predictions

So today I'm gonna discuss the second round of the right side of the New Japan Cup bracket, I've loved the tournament to this point, I've enjoyed the storytelling of the matches, and the some of the results have legitimately surprised me, and I'm still very intrigued about who could win.  I just hope it isn't Okada.  So let's breakdown the remaining second round matches and the updated bracket to this point is below.

Night 6Taichi vs. Kota Ibushi

If you had told me Taichi would defeat Tanahashi in round one I wouldn't of believed it, but it happened.  Regardless he's facing a favorite in the tournament, Kota Ibushi.  It's fair to say they are trying have a lot of shock value in this tournament, just by Taichi being in it.  I could definitely see that continue here because I think they are setting Ibushi up for a big win in the G1, leading to a big Wrestle Kingdom title win.  With that said I could definitely see Taichi getting the win here, and also t…

New Japan Cup, Night 5, Tournament Matches Predictions

So Today I'm going to discuss the second round of the left side of the New Japan Cup bracket, it's been a very good tournament thus far, with some really good matches, with the right side of the bracket still to air this coming Monday and Tuesday (which I previewed a few days ago and you can see my predictions on those if you haven't already.)  So let's breakdown the first four, second round matches.  Also there is an updated bracket below to see where the tournament is at to this point.

Night 5Togi Makabe vs. Tomohiro Ishii

These two have met on nine different occasions and currently Makabe has the advantage, 6-3, a lot of their early match-ups came when Makabe was at the top of his game, he would win the first six meetings between these two.  Ishii however, is better then he's ever been and performing at a level that has surpassed how he performed back then, and as I mentioned in earlier writings, is an uncrowned champion of the future in my eyes.  Also, whose to s…

New Japan Cup, Night 3 and 4 Tournament Matches Predictions

The first two nights of the New Japan Cup have come and gone, and it was full of action, now we're gonna discuss the other side of the bracket, and the matches to take place are some really good ones so let's get right into it and I'll give my predictions for night 3 and 4.  Again for reference he're is the non-spoiler bracket.

Night 3Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Taichi

Starting off the night 3 matches, with arguably the biggest name in New Japan history, the main stay, the ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi.  He has proved time and time again, that he's not going anywhere anytime soon, he can still perform at a top level as evident by his G1 performances the past few years (2018 in particular where he won).  Taichi on the other hand, has built a reputation of being the most annoying wrestler in New Japan, but he's a great heel at that, I'm not a huge fan but I can at least recognize his ability in the ring, he's basically the Baron Corbin of New Japan.  With t…

New Japan Cup, Night 1 and 2 Tournament Matches Predictions

New Japan is back, and tonight we get the first night of the New Japan Cup, where the winner will go on to Dominion on July 12th to face Tetsuya Naito, for the IWGP World Heavyweight, and Intercontinental Championships.  The brack is stacked with talent as well as young lions and some newer talent.  So I am going to break down all the matches for night one and night two, all the first round matches of the left side of the bracket and who I see winning those matches.  Here's the bracket again just for reference.

Night 1, Round 1Togi Makabe vs. Yota Tsuji

With a bunch of top names, like Will Ospreay, Juice Robinson, Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale, Jay White, and Kenta, missing from the field of talent in this tournament, due to travel and undisclosed reasons, a lot of the spots in this tournament are held by Junior heavyweight talent and young lions.  See this match, Tsuji, is one of the top young lions in New Japan for a while, but usually when young lions are in tournaments like this, be…

Audio Blog: Episode 6 - WWE Backlash 2020 Predictions

In this episode of my audio blog, I'm discussing my predictions for WWE Backlash 2020, taking place this Sunday and giving my very candid thoughts on all the matches and storylines that got us here, this is a very honest one folks, so strap in
Also as of the recording, there's no official pre-show matches, so once they are announced I will be unable to discuss them.
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