Wrestling and Blind Followers

For years, wrestling fans had been begging for a mainstream alternative to WWE, more wrestling for the soul purpose of just enjoying wrestling.  That happened in May of 2019 with the creation of AEW.  Wrestling became more interesting then ever because WWE was no longer the only dog in the race. 
Now, as a WRESTLING fan (emphasis on that word for a reason), I can admit, I am not a blind follower, I am not a homer, I am just a wrestling fan.  The problem, there's people out there, who are WWE fans, and some who are AEW fans.  They argue up and down about which product is "better", they attack each other, because "our's is better then yours" and they constantly go "If your gonna criticize AEW you better criticize WWE for this.", and vise versa.  I've been saying from the beginning, The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) as we are called, needs to just enjoy wrestling, and stop picking sides.  As hardcore fans, we have to see what is good and what…

Audio Blog: Episode 4 - Darke Side of the Ring S2 Finale/AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Predictions

What is going on everyone the latest episode of my audio blog is here, and I'm discussing my thoughts on the season 2 finale episode of Dark Side of the Ring and my thoughts coming out of the heart wrenching episode about the life and death of Owen Hart, Also I give my thoughts and precitions for the AEW Double or Nothing card taking place this Saturday night.

So that's gonna do it for me, I hope you enjoy this episode of my audio blog, and if you have been supporting me from day 1 I appreciate it very much, and hope to reach a broader audience as I continue to work on this and future projects that I hope to announce soon.  Thanks and Enjoy the show Saturday.

Is Quarantine Hurting WWE More Than We Know?

So, Money in the Bank has come and gone, it was a very...interesting show to say the least, and that's not calling it bad at all.  It was a fine show, however, it seemed like they packed it in.  The main event was filmed ahead of time, there's a lot about it, that were very big misses, again that's not to say it was a bad match.  It just isn't exciting it wasn't exciting at all.

LazinessIf you remember a few of the biggest things that have been bothering me for way too long and continue to, are things not making sense and horrible follow through on teased things.  Let's go back to the Money in the Bank match in particular, this match had stupid cameos, stupid spots, stupid production and no commentary, but one of the biggest spots that were basically overlooked because of the lack of commentary was when Baron Corbin, tossed Rey Mysterio, and Aleister Black off the side of a building, so we assumed something would come of it that it would go somewhere, of course …

Audio Blog: Episode 3 - Money in the Bank 2020 Predictions

What is going on everyone the latest episode of my audio blog is here, I'm discussing my predictions of the 2020 Money in the Bank pay-per-view.  I'm giving my thoughts on all the matches and the stories that lead up to this show as well as some things I think will happen after this pay-per-view.

Also, in the video I discussed a possible rematch for the RAW Tag Team championships but it doesn't seem like that is happening.  Two pre-show matches were announced after the recording so I'll discuss those right now.

R-Truth vs. MVP
This is a nothing match, that is only here to fill time, (why they couldn't do that with a RAW Tag Team Championship match is beyond me.) there's really no point to this match at all and I don't know why they have this match on the card, I guess I'm gonna pick R-Truth for the soul purpose of MVP not needing wins since he's not a full time wrestler, he should be transitioning into being a full time manager, and I hope what happens…

Why Does Vince Hate Babyfaces?

Braun Strowman recently became Universal champion, but since that happened, he's been portrayed as dull, boring, and has been reading scripts and sounding like an idiot while doing it.  This isn't something new, this has been a Vince McMahon-ism for sometime now.  He wants to mold his babyface superstars into what he wants and not let them be themselves.
For years after the Attitude Era, where character was everything and everyone was different, Vince continues to ruin his babyface characters by doing this.  Braun Strowman is a monster, and should be treated as such, and preferably as a heel.  It's very obvious to me and many others, he is not a good babyface at all.  A "monster" shouldn't be afraid of anything, a "monster" shouldn't be doing sit down interviews where he gets a gift and he acts like his friend who is a woman got it for him.  All of it comes off as corny, dry, and un-entertaining.  For years, Roman Reigns was the perfect example o…

10 Things In WWE That Need To Change Tomorrow, But Won't

Alright, so I haven't had the creative drive to write recently.  I started doing audio, and like I said in the most recent one.  Some topics will be easier to write about and some will be easier to discuss more in audio.  So I'm gonna try something different today.  Everyone is doing countdowns of some kind, we all seen them, so I decided to do one here.  I don't know if this will be a regular thing or not, and I'm gonna try not to talk about each entry that (in my opinion) need to change in WWE but probably won't because of the man pictured above.  I don't think this will be a regular thing unless I get ideas of my own to do more or people suggest them on twitter (@MikeJC821.)  Regardless lets start this one, 10 Things In WWE That Need to Change Tomorrow, But Won't.  In no particular order by the way, and some of these might only be things that bother me so I hope that people will respect that no matter how outlandish the entries may be.

10. Commentary
For w…

Audio Blog: Episode 2 - WWE Mass Firings

In this episode of my audio blog for my website,, I'm discussing the mass firings that took place in WWE yesterday, why I think it happened and why I think the majority of these people will bounce back once independent wrestling is up and running again.

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Thanks for listening, and supporting me and my opinions on the thing I love, pro wrestling.