WWE Survivor Series 2019 Predictions

Hey everyone, MikeJC here to talk all about this weekend's WWE Survivor Series event.  The build up to this show has been all over the place, good and a whole lot of bad.  I've been intrigued since day one because of the inclusion of NXT, but WWE has made it very hard to be excited.  Don't get this twisted, intrigue and excitement are absolutely not the same.  The thing is, they haven't given me a reason to care about this show because it's just the usually "who will win brand supremacy?" thing they do every year with no reason at all for these matches to happen and not really winning anything.  My idea that I came up with was have the winning brand get three draft picks from any of the other two brands, that's how you make this mean something, and if that happened Smackdown would 100 percent need to win because they got screwed again in the draft despite it being the A show now.  So lets run down the card, and talk about the build to all these matche…

NXT Takeover: War Games 2019 Predictions

Hey everyone, MikeJC here to talk about the latest NXT Takeover.  I'm very excited about this show, and ever since NXT has been running War Games shows I always tend to enjoy them as a whole.  This show has become the Undisputed Era show and I love it.  So let's run down the matches of NXT Takeover: War Games 2019.

Matt Riddle vs. Finn Balor

Since Finn Balor returned to NXT, and made it known that he's home and he's returning to being "The Real Finn Balor".  I can't wait to see what this Finn Balor is about in the ring.  When he finally turned, and he beat the crap out of Johnny Gargano we were sure that was the match we were gonna see here, but due to injury Johnny Gargano can't compete.  So they chose another route with Matt Riddle, this is another match I was excited to see because to this day Matt Riddle has worked well with everyone, he's so good, I think Riddle has the total package as far as a star in this business.  This is gonna be a hell o…

Smackdown Has Become the Show to Miss

What's going on everyone, MikeJC here, back again, talking about the thing I love, wrestling, as I do every week on here.  More frequently then not though, when I discuss wrestling on here, it's to talk about concerns, it's to try and figure out why some of things I see on these shows are happening.  Like most people these days, AEW is a breathe of fresh air for wrestling fans like me who have been begging for something new, something fresh etc.  Back when Smackdown moved to FOX at the beginning of October, we all were prepared for that show to finally be bigger and better then ever, unfortunately that has not happened, at all.
After the most recent draft, I had a lot of concerns about how it turned out, I thought Smackdown would be stacked with talent because of the FOX deal, I thought Smackdown would be taken seriously, finally.  I was sadly proven wrong, and it's worse then I could have imagined.  Think about this, the best Smackdown in years featured NXT talent, Sma…

AEW Full Gear Predictions

So here we are, and AEW once again proves it's possible to tell good stories and actually build to a pay-per-view.  AEW Full Gear is this weekend, and the card is pretty solid and I'm gonna preview the entire card so let's get right into it. 

Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestly

The story here was a complete accident but it's worked perfectly to build to this match.  At Fyter Fest, Bea Priestly legitimately kicked Britt in the head, giving Britt a concussion.  This incident was the first thing Bea ever did in AEW.  Britt would miss a little time and in following weeks these two would end up in brawls and cost each other matches along the way.  It's finally time to settle this, and for me Britt has not looked amazing in the ring, considering she is still very new to the business in general, I think this is a very good chance for her to show us something here, but I'm picking Bea to win, and also I probably would have put this on the main card and this next match on the Bu…

The NXT Invasion That Almost Wasn't

So here we are, post pointless Crown Jewel show number two of the year has passed.  Not only was the show bad, but political drama between Vince McMahon and the Prince of Saudi Arabia ensued and caused not only a twenty-four hour delay of the flight to bring the WWE roster home, and possibly destroyed the trust between Vince and his entire roster, but they also had to scramble to rearrange the entire Smackdown show that took place the day after Crown Jewel.  Despite the drama that caused it, this turned out to be the best Smackdown shows in years.  
Vince McMahon, enlisted the help of Triple H and the NXT roster to save the day, after trying his hardest to get legends to come through, and talent that hadn't appeared in years to make one off appearances to fill the void, NXT was the saving grace.  Even Brock Lesnar, who was supposed to going home because he got to leave Crown Jewel immediately because he has his own plane, made an appearance on Smackdown, this appearance was probabl…

WWE Doesn't Know How to Do a Draft Correctly

I'm gonna start this off with a question that every wrestling fan has probably asked themselves at some point, Do we expect too much from WWE?  If you have asked yourself this question at any point in the last decade, congratulations, your a real WWE fan.  This past Friday into Monday, WWE had there second draft in three years.  
Usually this is done when the roster is being split into separate brand exclusive rosters, but this time around the reason it happened was because WWE went out of there way to ruin the brand split by coming up with the "Wild Card Rule".  In the beginning, the "Wild Card Rule" meant that at any point 4 (or 5, and this changed a lot) superstars from other brands could just show up on the opposite brand just cause.  To this day nobody knows why anyone in WWE let this happen, and why Vince McMahon thought it was good idea. They still had brand exclusive champions but everyone was going everywhere, no sense at all.
So then the FOX deal finall…

WWE Draft Predictions

So here we are, the WWE Draft is back this Friday, after we had a "Shake Up" earlier this year, then it meaning absolutely nothing with the implementation of the "Wild Card Rule", which was an absolute failure.  Now we're in a new era, with NXT being live every Wednesday, and Smackdown moving back to Fridays live on FOX.  Things are changing and as much as I'm not a fan of separated brands, and more then one World Champion, its necessary with the excess of talent on all the shows under the WWE umbrella, so I'm going to try and predict the rosters (for the most part).  So I'm gonna draft about 15 people to each show, and discuss some people I feel should absolutely go to NXT, now that it is truly considered a third brand and treated as such especially with the recent development of Finn Balor going back. So here we go, this might be really long, and I just wanna go over a little bit, the brand specific champions most likely will not be moving, so The…