Is Quarantine Hurting WWE More Than We Know?

So, Money in the Bank has come and gone, it was a very...interesting show to say the least, and that's not calling it bad at all.  It was a fine show, however, it seemed like they packed it in.  The main event was filmed ahead of time, there's a lot about it, that were very big misses, again that's not to say it was a bad match.  It just isn't exciting it wasn't exciting at all.


If you remember a few of the biggest things that have been bothering me for way too long and continue to, are things not making sense and horrible follow through on teased things.  Let's go back to the Money in the Bank match in particular, this match had stupid cameos, stupid spots, stupid production and no commentary, but one of the biggest spots that were basically overlooked because of the lack of commentary was when Baron Corbin, tossed Rey Mysterio, and Aleister Black off the side of a building, so we assumed something would come of it that it would go somewhere, of course its a stunt etc. we all know that, but take advantage of this.  

So all of us are wondering what is WWE going to do to explain this spot that they for some reason glazed over during the match, even though it should have been treated a lot more seriously.  Baron Corbin just attempted murder, he threw people off of a building, this has to go somewhere right.  So the next night on RAW, we are told, "Mysterio and Black, fell onto a second roof six feet below and are fine and in action tonight.", not only did they have a match, Mysterio in particular acknowledged the fall and said he's completely fine, "but his life flashed before his eyes.", then Mysterio and Black were put together in a tag match because of " the bond of that experience" and even though, Baron Corbin a Smackdown superstar, was in the building, they ran a different angle with Mysterio and didn't even bother to get at Corbin.  

Then they had Corbin start a new angle, acknowledge the fall and said "it was the heat of the moment but they are fine.", how is it possible that they have a gold storyline here, a man who claims to be a king, attempted murder, and two guys who experienced that, didn't even care to get revenge when the man was in the damn building.  This could have been turned into something huge, instead it was glossed over.

Then they did a new angle with Mysterio and Black, during a tag match, against Murphy and Seth Rollins, for some reason that we don't know yet Seth Rollins was in a trance the whole match and didn't move or anything and he looked all disheveled and out of it, and when Rey Mysterio accidentally knocked him off the apron he attacked Rey, and pushed his eye into metal stairs.  Then later when Aleister was checking on Rey, Murphy and Seth show up and Seth says, he doesn't know what he did, like he doesn't even remember it, then out of anger, for some reason Aleister Black attacks Murphy, and not Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins just walks away.  

Now if your friend was hurt, and the person who did it showed up with a friend to check on him and act like he doesn't remember he did it, would you attack the person who did it or his friend?  Let's not forget, that they announced a "brand-to-brand invitation" which is just a different name for the wild card rule, the thing we all hated less than a year ago.  To kick it off they announced Corbin vs McIntyre for next week, because when you attempt murder you get matches against champions, for a title or not, and of course Charlotte will be on Smackdown this week cause she needs to be on all three shows.  


On top of all that, a few other things happened on RAW, that are very very questionable.  For some reason recently Ricochet and Cedric Alexander a stellar set of talent who are now a tag team, have gotten into a feud if you can even call it that with Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne, who have been treated as jobbers for months, at Money in the Bank for some reason, they had R-Truth face Bobby Lashley when he was supposed to face MVP for no reason, and they have MVP trying to get Bobby to realize his potential.  So as all that is going on, R-Truth teams with Ricochet and Cedric on RAW against MVP, Vink, and Thorne, and for some stupid reason the match centered around R-Truth putting fake teeth in his mouth and going cross eyed to play a stupid character called "Pretty Ricky", and R-Truth used this to get a win, then get attacked by Lashley after, why?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Also we had basketball on Monday Night RAW, that's right, we had basketball, on a wrestling show, why you ask?  To put over the fact that anything the Street Profits can do, the Viking Raiders can do it better, because instead of giving them another a title shot after beating them for the like the fifth time.  The Viking Raiders supposedly lost on purpose to make the Street Profits feel shitty, and nothing else.  So where's that going you ask? My guess a series of bad segments that aren't wrestling (remember this is a wrestling show) that eventually leads to a tag title match that the Street Profits should win.

Unnecessary Rematch

Also closing RAW, we had Edge come out, and acknowledge for weeks that WWE is was promoting him to face Randy Orton on this show, but Edge said he was not made aware of this and that he's done with Randy Orton.  Now instead of moving on from this like we should have, Randy Orton came out and said that Edge doesn't have what it takes anymore to take him in a straight up wrestling match.  So Orton challenges him to a "straight up wrestling match" at the next pay-per-view, Backlash, but doesn't respond, but before the show goes off the air, Vince McMahon, tells Charly Caruso (the interviewer who because of Vince has no personality on TV) say "if that match happens, it could be the greatest wrestling match ever.", why would Vince tell her to say that?  Is it because he knows how bad their last man standing match was at WrestleMania, and he thinks this will redeem it?  So he put that label on it why to get the hopes up of fans who still want to see this match even though we'd rather see Edge move on and face people he never got the chance to face before.  It's stupid.

So in closing, in a span of 24 hours, WWE had a great angle on their hands that they chose to acknowledge and then throw away, they started a new angle, and started off with a good segment and a pour follow up segment, on top of announcing a newly named wild card rule for no reason.  They also had multiple stupid segments play out for most of the show.  So you tell me, how is WWE doing during quarantine, and are you as worried as I am?

Let's hope Smackdown isn't as bad but knowing the track record of Smackdown as a whole since the move to FOX, my hopes are not very high at all.  That's gonna do it for me, also let me reiterate, I've said this before and I'll say it again, this sounds like a lot of complaining because it is.  I know it is, I do it because I love wrestling, and not because I want to stop watching or because I enjoy complaining, I love wrestling and want to see it flourish but when things  like this are going on it's hard not to talk about them, and don't you worry when I preview AEW Double or Nothing next week I'll have plenty to say about AEW too, so don't go out of your way to say I only complain about WWE.  I love wrestling, and want to see it prosper, and will continue to point out the flaws until it does, because that's what people who love wrestling do.

So that's gonna do it for me, thanks again for reading, and listening to my previous audio blogs as well.  I hope to reach a broader audience and to announce more projects down the line that are in the works that are very exciting.

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