Wrestling and Blind Followers

For years, wrestling fans had been begging for a mainstream alternative to WWE, more wrestling for the soul purpose of just enjoying wrestling.  That happened in May of 2019 with the creation of AEW.  Wrestling became more interesting then ever because WWE was no longer the only dog in the race. 

Now, as a WRESTLING fan (emphasis on that word for a reason), I can admit, I am not a blind follower, I am not a homer, I am just a wrestling fan.  The problem, there's people out there, who are WWE fans, and some who are AEW fans.  They argue up and down about which product is "better", they attack each other, because "our's is better then yours" and they constantly go "If your gonna criticize AEW you better criticize WWE for this.", and vise versa.  I've been saying from the beginning, The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) as we are called, needs to just enjoy wrestling, and stop picking sides.  As hardcore fans, we have to see what is good and what is bad, and sure opinion has a lot to do that I get it.  However, the blind followers of AEW, or WWE, on countless occasions make up these excuses as to why when "their company" does something bad and it's excusable because it's the company they follow.

We've seen tons of bad as wrestling fans, the best examples in the past couple months, are The Nightmare Collective, R-Truth putting fake teeth in his mouth for seemingly no reason, the RAW Tag Team Champions doing anything but wrestling with the Viking Raiders.  All of those things are really, really bad, and now AEW has a new one on the list, Mike Tyson vs Chris Jericho in 2020, for no reason.

Mike Tyson, a 54 year old retired boxer whose been retired for decades, he posts one video, of his fast hands, and saying I'm back, and all of sudden it's 1998 again, and it's cool to have him in wrestling again, unfortunately it isn't.  Now let me be clear, I get it, he's Mike Tyson, he's a legend, and having him in any capacity is news, I get all of that, the publicity of it, the fan fare of it, I know all about it.  This doesn't excuse this to me, nobody said when AEW was created, "I hope I get to see Jericho vs Mike Tyson down the line.", nobody has and nobody will say that ever.  This is a bad idea, and it is a waste of a pay-per-view spot, and anyone who is praising this segment that set it up is a blind AEW follower, it was not good at all.

On top of all of that, Tyson was accompanied by a trio of MMA fighters, the recently "retired" Henry Cejudo, also actually retired Rashad Evans (for some reason), and Vitor Belfort, who hasn't been relevant in years.  Also let's not forget for some stupid reason a random actor named Mickey Gooch, whose big claim to fame in my research is being an ex of Rebel Wilson.  I'm sorry but this is not good, and I'm not attacking AEW for this because I'm a WWE homer at all.  I'm not on board with this because it's exactly what people criticize WWE for and they are blindly allowing it because it's not WWE.  That's a problem.

Ever since the return of Goldberg, nobody has been okay with it, so if your not okay with that, as a WRESTLING fan (again emphasis for a reason), you should hate this Tyson thing for the same exact reason.  This is a bad idea, the segment that set it up was a not good, the thought process of it, is like WWE wrote it, and the fact that they didn't isn't and excuse.  I'm saying it again, from day one, I've been about wrestling making sense, wrestling telling stories, and this is bad, and it's not okay.  The biggest problem remains, if WWE did this the same people excusing this would shit all over it.  Regardless of it including one of the greatest ever, Chris Jericho, regardless of it getting new eyes on the product.

So in closing, I'm gonna say it again, and again, if your defending this because it's not WWE, you need look at it again, it's not good, it's not "okay because it's not WWE.", like the Nightmare Collective it's just bad, and a waste of time.  I hope you didn't defend that either.  Every wrestling company has something they need to work on, or that's bad about it.  All I care about, is it being good, and making sense, this isn't and it doesn't.  Stop being an apologist, stop defending stupidity.

That's gonna do it for me, thank you for supporting me if you do already, help me reach more people, get more eyes on what I'm doing here, and future projects that will be announced when the time is right.  Follow me on Twitter (if you used twitter to get here thanks for that) @MikeJC821.  Thanks.

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