New Japan Cup, Night 6, Tournament Matches Predictions

So today I'm gonna discuss the second round of the right side of the New Japan Cup bracket, I've loved the tournament to this point, I've enjoyed the storytelling of the matches, and the some of the results have legitimately surprised me, and I'm still very intrigued about who could win.  I just hope it isn't Okada.  So let's breakdown the remaining second round matches and the updated bracket to this point is below.

Night 6

Taichi vs. Kota Ibushi

If you had told me Taichi would defeat Tanahashi in round one I wouldn't of believed it, but it happened.  Regardless he's facing a favorite in the tournament, Kota Ibushi.  It's fair to say they are trying have a lot of shock value in this tournament, just by Taichi being in it.  I could definitely see that continue here because I think they are setting Ibushi up for a big win in the G1, leading to a big Wrestle Kingdom title win.  With that said I could definitely see Taichi getting the win here, and also that leading to Taichi teaming with one of his Suzuki-Gun teammates to get a tag title shot in the process.  So even though I hate it and also hate Taichi, I think he's gonna win.

Sanada vs. Sho

I said it before Sanada has a very bright future in the business, and I consider him a favorite on this side of the bracket.  He'll be facing Sho, one half of arguably the best Junior tag team in New Japan.  With that said is Sho ready for this kind of step, to me that's a no.  Now I'm not a huge fan of the way they use Juniors as fall guys against heavyweights and some people can tell that's the case most of the time.  Unfortunately I think Sho will be doing that here.  These two have never faced 1-on-1 before, and Sanada is the one who is ready.  So I'm picking Sanada to move on here, and I'm sure it will be a great match.

Yoshi-Hashi vs. Bushi

I think this is the match, I'm least excited about in this round, both guys are great workers (Bushi more than Yoshi-Hashi) but, considering this is their first singles meeting ever, I think it's pretty clear whose winning.  As I mentioned earlier New Japan doesn't do these kinds of matches a lot because most times a junior versus a heavyweight usually results in a heavyweight winning, also it seems like they are trying to get Yoshi-Hashi pretty far in this tournament because of again as I've mentioned before, because of the constant booking of him being the guy who has to work from behind and then he usually fails.  Bushi is a great worker but he doesn't have a lot of success in singles matches against heavyweights and that will probably continue.  The constant booking of Yoshi-Hashi still annoys me a lot.  He's gonna win here, and probably not go much farther, if he does I'll be very surprised, despite me being surprised already by some of the matches.

EVIL vs. Hirooki Goto

This match is the one I'm most up in the air about, because it can literally go either way.  Both guys need the win, but with Evil being one of the 6-man champions, and Goto really needing the win a lot more.  I think Goto is gonna take this one.  However the prospect of Evil versus Sanada match would be great as a semi-final match, I just don't see it happening.  Goto has reinvented himself so much, I see him going pretty far in this tournament with a possibility of winning.  Most of my preferences for this tournament are for new people to get opportunities, Goto being one of those.  Goto has the advantage against Evil in singles competition 3-1, and it seems to me that is going to continue.

So that's gonna do it for me, sorry it took so long to get this latest predictions article to be posted, I've been very busy.  The tournament has been very good.  I've been thinking about doing a predictions article for all of the remainder of the tournament instead of waiting for the matches to be established like I have been I'm still not sure what I will do for the semi-finals and the finals.  Thanks for reading, and listening to what I have to say.

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