10 People Who Will Never Be WWE/Universal Champion As Long As Vince McMahon Is In Charge

So it's safe to say WWE is the worst it's ever been right now and it's not because there's a pandemic going on, is that playing a factor sure, but there's a bigger problem that's holding it back, that problem is in the form of a person, named Vince McMahon.  If you pay attention as closely as I and most hardcore wrestling fans do, you've heard the numerous times, recently and in past years, of Vince McMahon "losing interest" in certain talents, and it getting so bad to a point that he strips away what makes them who they are, or he does absolutely nothing with them, or 50/50 books them to death making it impossible to care anymore and to have any momentum on their side at all (basically everyone except a select few).  So today and I've been meaning to do this for a while it just never felt like the right time.  I'm gonna break down ten talents in no particular order, that will probably never be WWE or Universal Champion as long as Vince McMahon is in charge.  This is probably gonna hurt, but it's also very, very likely.  Also feel free to argue any of the entries in the comments of the post or where it is shared.

10. Samoa Joe

Of all the people that will be on this list, Samoa Joe is the one out of all of them that should already have a world championship reign in WWE under his belt.  He has all the tools, he's one of the best all around talents in the world, he can talk, he can wrestle with the best of them.  For whatever reason he can't catch a break in WWE.  Whether it's injury, or him being used to get someone over (which seems to happen a lot).  We all know how good he is, Vince McMahon has to know, he's seen his work for as long as he's been in WWE.  For whatever reason he won't pull the trigger on him.  If you ask me, the Samoan Submission Machine, once healthy would be perfect to beat Braun Strowman and save the dying depleting Universal title picture on Smackdown.  Joe is currently doing commentary on Raw but he's too good to keep there once cleared to compete again, and Smackdown is in desperate need of good heels on the male side.  Vince McMahon needs to use Joe to his full potential while he's still here, and he truly deserves it, even though that is cliche to say, he actually does.

9. Ricochet

Ricochet is one of the most athletic people in WWE, and he's had some opportunities here and there.  Then reports came out, that Vince McMahon was bored of him (which is mind blowing).  There's going to be a trend on this list so might as well get that out of the way, the majority of the people on this list, are not WWE made, and don't fit the Vince McMahon mold.  Ricochet has one huge problem in WWE, he can't talk, and whenever he does, he comes off as a nerd whose reading off a piece of paper.  The whole "super heroes are real" thing doesn't work, not in this landscape, not in this era.  Fans are too smart for that, however the dynamic that should matter to Vince and clearly doesn't, is the kids aspect.  Kids absolutely love Ricochet, and you can easily give him a mouth piece and instantly make him seem more important.  At the same time, I've been saying for a very long time, Ricochet needs a heel turn.  Make him a cocky heel that comes off as the kind of person who doesn't realize how cocky he is, because he's that good.  I want that so bad for Ricochet and it's safe to say that probably won't happen until someone else runs the show.

8. Chad Gable

So if you're like me, you are all the way offended about "Shorty G".  I will not be calling him that ever, it's a dumb idea by stupid creative (thank you Chris Jericho for that one).  The fact of the matter is this, Chad Gable is the modern day Kurt Angle, and everyone and their mother should be offended at the way he is portrayed on TV.  He isn't that short, he's 5'8", so putting emphasis on that for sympathy is stupid.  Guess who else was 5'8", Eddie Guerrero.  Putting this character on him was an immediate death warrant on his career.  Nobody is going to take someone named "Shorty G" seriously at all.  I give Gable credit for doing it at all and making it work to an extent, but the fact he is as good as he is, and Vince McMahon doesn't see that, is mind blowing to me.  WWE is desperate for stars, you have one right here, staring you in the face and he's a wrestling machine, just like Kurt Angle, who by the way, is only 4 inches taller then Gable.  As long as Vince McMahon is getting his kicks out of this horrible character that, as we know by now is probably only funny to him, Gable is gonna hurt, and part of me, would love to see him in New Japan so he could kill it.

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