WWE, What The Hell?


First thing first, let me reiterated this for the people in the back.  I love wrestling, all wrestling, I watch everything that I can, WWE, AEW, Impact, New Japan, etc. and I want all of those things to be good, and be entertaining, and to make sense.  Me like most people who are hardcore fans of wrestling actually care, and if it's bad I will say it's bad, if not evident by past things I've written on here.  This is gonna be a WWE centric post so lets get into it.

A few weeks ago, a report came out that the Monday Night Raw rating was the lowest it's ever been.  Now let me be clear the ratings isn't what I tune in for, I tune in because to reiterate, I love wrestling.  Out of nowhere just because Chris Jericho started talking about demos and ratings in certain demos, fans especially are pretending to care about ratings because it fills the narrative of "my show is doing better then your show." which nobody should care about.  The only people that should and do care about ratings are the people who run said business and who air said program.  In this case of Monday Night Raw, the only people who should care about ratings is WWE and USA Network.  So the answer to this lowest rated episode of RAW ever was, Legends Night, on the first Raw of 2021.  Now I don't work for WWE, I don't have sources, I don't know anything that goes on, on the inside.  If I did this would be a very different post.

We've seen this before, "Legends Night" always ends up being the same exact thing.  Raw goes on as usual with Legends randomly appearing sometimes not talking at all, sometimes just to say a single thing, sometimes to manage someone, sometimes to further a story that won't include that legend any further, and then there's the legends that can still work and actually set up a match.  All of these things happened on Raw last night.

Throughout the night people like Tatanka who showed up in a backstage segment in full gimmick only to not talk at all and then not be seen again until later to also no talk.  Melina showed up while Lucha House Party was preparing for their match and she did a continuous "Lucha" chant with them, for no reason.  Boogeyman showed up in a dark room just to scare Angel Garza so he could lose the 24/7 title which R-Truth won again by surprise roll up for like the forty-fifth time.  Then you have the ones that were promoted, Hulk Hogan showed up to start the show and did a promo that helped nobody, then showed up again later just to pose with Drew.  Ric Flair managed his daughter Charlotte, for the first time in four years only to cause her to lose and for her to get mad at him and make him cry.  Torrie Wilson was involved in the set up for the aforementioned Boogeyman spot.  

Then there's Randy Orton who spent the night getting in faces of legends who he was threatening because he's the legend killer.  Why did he need to do that, what did that add to his character?  What did any of these previously mentioned legends appearance's add to the show at all?  They added one thing, people who didn't watch last week watched it because they "were fans of these people when they were younger." because as I mentioned earlier WWE cares about ratings.  None of this however was entertaining at all.  Then we get to the main event.

There was actually a lot of good wrestling on this episode of Raw, Riddle versus Lashley was good, Jeff Hardy versus Randy Orton was good, and Keith Lee versus Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title was very good.  The problem came after said WWE Title match.  Immediately after the match ended Drew goes to speak, and who would come out, but Goldberg.  Now to my problem and easily the biggest problem of the night.  Goldberg got on the mic, and said for everything that Drew has, there's one thing he doesn't have, respect.  He continued by saying that Drew sees all these legends that were all on the stage watching the main event, as has-beens who don't pose a threat to him, so he challenges Drew for the title.  Now I have multiple questions, did Goldberg not see Orton threatening people all night?  Did Goldberg not see Drew have that segment pose with Hogan which was clearly done as a respect thing?  Lastly why would WWE think anyone wants this match at all? 

Goldberg has hurt someone in almost every match he's ever had, is this a turning a blind eye situation like Nia Jax who literally hurts everyone?  I'm gonna say yes.  Then Mustafa Ali goes on Raw Talk and explains how guys like him, and Drew Gulak, and Akira Tozawa weren't even on the show, to make room for all these pointless legends segments, and everyone keeps saying how all these legends paved the way for them, but they never get to walk that path.  He couldn't be more correct and then in that same segment Charly asked him if he "heard that reaction" when everyone knows its piped in.  

People wonder why I have so much more to say about WWE and not as much to say about AEW.  It's because of shows like this, AEW despite being a newer company and sure had done a bunch of things that aren't good, like their women's division as a whole.  They actually give chances to newer talent and don't focus on the same people over and over and over again, and when they bring in a legend, its not for one off segments like these that don't mean anything.  I mentioned earlier WWE does this crap for the ratings, and from their point of view that's probably the right thing to do, but not the right thing to do to keep those fans coming back to watch next week.

I'm gonna say this a third time I love wrestling, a lot, and I want to see it flourish more then anyone because of talent of the future, and Goldberg taking a spot from people like Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, Drew Gulak, Aleister Black, Chad Gable, Cesaro etc. all this talent that are really really good at their jobs, but they have to take a back seat to people like Goldberg.  All of the people named have so much untapped potential and when people like Goldberg are just here because creative has nothing for everyone else, your popping a rating for that day but are you helping the business in the long term?  Absolutely not, but what do I know, I don't work there.

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  1. but you should work there. good article good read anyone who doesnt understand why you tell it like you do isnt in it for the wrestling.


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