Top 10 Future World Champions in AEW

One of the best things about All Elite Wrestling is long term storytelling.  That is super evident in their championship picture.  They have a set goal for each championship and a story in place that will certainly pay off in the long term.  In AEW's short time around there's only been three world champions because of there commitment to telling stories.  With that said there's a lot of great talent in AEW that are very young, haven't reached their potential or have and will certainly be champions when the time is right.  So let's discuss these talents.

10. Miro

So I think this is a no-brainer.  Miro is one of the best overall talents on this entire roster and the fact he wasn't a world champion at his former employer is criminal in it's own right.  Recently he's been used exactly as he should of been in AEW and I think it's just too obvious to me that he will be a world champion one day he's one of the best overall workers in wrestling today.  His current Redeemer character is the best character work he's ever done his promos are on another level he's gotten even better in the ring.  This current run is just the appetizer of what he will do in the future.  He hasn't worked the likes of Kenny or Hangman or even Christian Cage yet and when he does it's going to be glorious and in AEW he's sure to one day be a world champ.

9. Andrade El Idolo

As soon as Andrade signed to join AEW we all knew he was going to flourish and it's still early in his run he's only had one match in AEW to this point.  There's one match that stuck out to all of us as soon as he signed and that's with Kenny Omega, we saw that match on August 14th for the AAA Mega Championship at TripleMania XXIX it was a great match and one day we will see it again in an AEW ring.  There's no denying how good he is, and how good he will be when the time is right, one day Andrade will be on top of the AEW world because he's that good.  It's not prediction it's an inevitability and when it happens it will be the right time for it and it will be glorious.  

8. Malakai Black

Malakai Black is one of the most creative minds in all of wrestling today.  He has the ability to come up with these creations in his mind and portray those creations on the screen in and out of the ring in a way that not only has symbolism to what he does but tells the story for everyone to understand.  He just had his first ever match in AEW and it was his first match in nine months.  It was like he never lost a step but regardless of that this type of creativity in and out of the ring is what champions are made of.  There is no cliché of "his character is so good he doesn't need a championship", more like his character is so good he deserves the championship and he will get it one day, it's a no brainer.

7. Darby Allin

It's very clear, Darby Allin is the future of AEW.  He has been at the top without being the world champion for over two years now.  The fans are super behind him and they love his daredevil style.  Very much on the level of a Jeff Hardy in 2009 of how over he is.  He's a star, and easily a future world champion.  He's had stellar matches with the likes of Cody and Jon Moxley and it's very clear that the company thinks very highly of Darby.  His time will come and the crazy thing is he's not even close to his professional prime.  He's gonna keep improving, and getting better and better and I can't wait to see what he does as the top guy one day.

6. Wardlow

Wardlow has been a body guard for his entire AEW run to this point.  Because of this he's put to the waste side a lot when it comes to helping MJF or helping The Pinnacle.  He's been that person since day one to the point where when MJF was facing Cody very early in Wardlow's run he was losing his second or third match ever.  To that point eventually Wardlow isn't going to be with MJF forever.  One of these days sooner rather then later, he's going to be going out on his own.  He will not be the lackey or body guard anymore, he will be a dominant big guy who will be a champion one day and he's only going to get better in the ring as that time comes and that's why I'm sure one day he will be a world champion.

5. PAC

This one seems inevitable to me.  Everyone knows how good PAC is, we've seen him have great matches with Hangman, Kenny, against the Bucks in tag teams with Fenix or Penta, the list goes on.  PAC is so good at this thing we call wrestling.  There's no denying how good he is and how he was wasted at his previous employer.  There's no denying his ability.  No denying everything he can do and just like Miro, Black, and Andrade, PAC will get his time because he deserves it.

4. Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara is a star.  He is already bigger then the Inner Circle and there's no doubt that group is still to this day holding him back.  He needs to get away from that group and go on his own, because he is too good not to be a champion one day.  He has everything you look for in a world champion, charisma, in ring ability, support of the fans.  He's one of the most over people in AEW and part of that is thanks to his YouTube blog that has sky rocketed in the last year because he used that like just like BTE to get himself and others over.  Not only is he getting himself over he's getting others over and is the catalyst for people like Fuego Del Sol getting their big break in AEW.  He has everything it takes to be be a top guy and it's going to happen sooner rather then later.

3. Jungle Boy

When Jungle Boy signed with AEW we all knew he had a ways to go to get to a point where he would be taken seriously.  For a long time it was about him being super young and super green and who his dad was.  He has overcome all of those stigmas and has become one of the most over talents in AEW.  He has a theme song that Tony Khan payed good money for that is more over then Jungle Boy himself and that alone is one reason the fans are always behind him, they love to sing along to that song.  Far beyond that though Jungle Boy has grown into one of the best wrestlers, who tells the story best in the ring.  The fans get behind him always and believe in him always because he has that connection with them.  He might still have some fine tuning to do but there's no doubt in my mind that one day he will on top of the AEW world because he's that good and just like most people on this list, there's no denying that.

2. Cody Rhodes

In November of 2019, Cody Rhodes "lost the right" to ever compete for the AEW Championship, something that he did on his own to prove that he wasn't going to be the type of executive that "makes himself the champion", and honestly it was a very bad move.  Doing that has hindered him beyond belief, and something needs to be done to overturn this stupid rule.  He needs to turn heel and use this executive position to change the dynamic.  He's been stagnant for a while, just there, not feeling important anymore and that's a problem.  It's inevitable that one day they turn this around and he is the champion because it absolutely needs to happen to remove the staleness associated with his current character.

1. MJF

There is no denying the talent of MJF.  He's young, brash, cock, one of the best young all around talents in the world today.  From day one of him signing with AEW, everyone knew this guy was going to be a huge star.  He's already had huge matches with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, and with that comes experience that will make him better and better as time goes on.  I think we all already saw him as a world champion one day, just from him being at the forefront of pretty much everything in AEW.  Now leading The Pinnacle a very Four Hoursemen-esque group there's no doubt in my mind he is destined to be the Ric Flair of that group and lead it to championships with him at the top as the world champion one day and we will cherish the time when he loses it because the story will be that we want him to lose the title and whoever beats him for it will be labeled a hero for dethroning him.

So that's my list and before you say anything, and go "Where's Hangman?", I think its no secret we all know he's going to be the one to dethrone Kenny Omega and that time is coming sooner rather then later, so for that reason I kept him off this list because it's going to happen and I can't wait for that because "Hangman" Adam Page is one of the most over people in all of wrestling and will get his time to shine and I didn't think that needed to be highlighted here because we all know it's going happen.  So if you enjoy these lists let me know and I'll try to make more like this one.  Thanks for reading and supporting me, and I hope everyone enjoys the wrestling in the next few days and the weekend to come.  All Out, GCW shows, a lot of great stuff to watch.

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