WWE's Lazy Booking Issues

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MikeJC here, back after another, interesting (to say the least) week in the wrestling world.  So, the Superstar Shake-Up has come and gone...I think.  The reason for this unsure pause is because as unsure I am that it's over, I think WWE is just as unsure how they handled the shake-up and the direction that they are going following it.  WWE decided once again to do this very lazy booking of the shake-up and just have people show up that weren't on Raw and Smackdown before.  I've disliked this lazy booking for a while, and wished that they went back to the old way of switching people by having cross branded matches on both shows, and the winner of he match gets a "random" pick.  Also the fact that somewhere close to Twenty Six superstars have been going to both shows since December, so it was very unclear of what show those people were actually on, until WWE wrote an article about it on there website. 

Then something else happened that resulted in people who were supposedly moved already were moved again, so WWE chose to explain this by saying "The shake-up continues this week".  We were told the Tuesday of the "first week" we'd know where everyone is going.  That ended up being a lie and there's still a few people who haven't appeared in a while that they haven't told anyone about yet.  All of this is very, very lazy.  Bray Wyatt debuted a new persona on Monday via a vignette, then we saw the exact same vignette on Tuesday, wouldn't it have made more sense since it's supposed to be a brand split for that to be on one show and not both.  Also the brand split doesn't really make much sense, you know why that is, it's because even though the brand split is supposed to represent competition between two shows under the same company umbrella, there's no general managers, the McMahons run everything, so the brand split seems pointless and so does Survivor series, but we'll worry about that when we get there.

Either way the main thing here is WWE's lazy booking for years has led to so many continuity errors, and Vince McMahon treating fans like idiots and thinking we won't notice.  With the shake-up for example they just moved Andrade and Zelina back to Smackdown even though they never should have left, Aleister Black had to go with them because him and Zelina are married, and him and Ricochet should have been separated anyway because they are better singles stars.  Then by doing so they had to move some other people to Raw that ended up being Cesaro and Samoa Joe (who was moving anyway because of Finn Balor to Smackdown).  As I said earlier the reasoning given was that the "shake-up is continuing this week" and that shouldn't be the reason.  I want to care about what's going on we all do, we want to be emotionally invested, for example think about how we are all emotionally invested in everything Johnny Gargano does, it's because everything he does is such a good story and feels important. 

WWE also messed up a lot of the divisions for example the Raw women's division and the Smackdown tag team divisions are both in shambles right now.  They have to work really hard to build these divisions back up and it's very hard to expect this to work out.  Going back to well doesn't intrigue us, I don't wanna see anyone versus the McMahons again.  I don't wanna see the same people fighting for the titles.  I'm tired of 50/50 booking, I want more dominance.  I want more squash matches against local guys and not established people that Vince isn't giving a shot to. Build people up instead of only giving guys like Apollo, Tyler Breeze, and Chad Gable TV time to lose to Braun and Lars.  I'm sick of all these guys with great talent and potential who just go nowhere, and seeing guys like Braun destroy them and it resulting in nothing.  WWE says they are listening to the fans now, they did it at mania, but that needs to last longer then one night.

As wrestling fans, we will endure this laziness because we are wrestling fans it's what we've done for decades, but wouldn't it be great to not have to endure anything and just enjoy.  Again, as wrestling fans we will try to find positives in anything but, there's so much that can and should be treated better, and as fans we care for those things to change, but Vince McMahon has to care.  He needs to let writers do their jobs, treat the product with love like we do.  I've said in the past there needs to be a medium of great story telling and great wrestling and not one or the other, NXT and Triple H know how to do this, but it should be a company wide thing and it isn't.

So in closing WWE is going to keep going forever probably but the stories need to grow with that and make sense, and not feel like there's no care in it, which we as fans have whole heartedly.  It's time for new people to get opportunities, it's time for the matches to tell the story being told.  I hope that it changes for the better, and I hope that talent who deserve to be showcased will be soon.  With that I'm MikeJC signing off.

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