WWE's New Wild Card Rule

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MikeJC back after a week off because of some other things going on, but it's surely been a very, very interesting couple of weeks in WWE and unfortunately not in a good way.  So as we all know the Superstar Shake-up happened a mere three weeks ago, and thanks to horrible booking, and networks fighting over the use of certain superstars their answer to that was the "Wild Card Rule".  WWE will tell you it was completely random, that Vince came up with it "on the fly" to help ratings and fix his own mistakes of the shake-up, but some reports will tell you this was his answer to FOX and USA complaining about having Roman Reigns on either of their networks.  Both networks were apparently unaware of Vince McMahon's idea to "appease" them with the wild card rule.  Apparently now the networks want the brand split to end because of this fact.  There's bigger problems here.

I've said in the past that continuity has been a huge problem in WWE for a very long time and this new development drives that home more then ever.  This wild card rule doesn't make things more appealing, it makes everything more difficult.  WWE wants us to care, but by doing this are they caring?  They say every show there will be any three or four people from any show just showing up on the opposing show, but why?  Instead if they actually used continuity to make storylines that we care about more people would watch, talent wouldn't be unhappy, they would feel like they are a part of something instead of just being a cog in the machine that only cares about money (see the Saudi Arabia partnership as proof).  Instead of focusing on a thing Vince may or may not be doing just to appease networks, shouldn't he be doing something to appease fans?  Instead of doing everything in his power to make wrestling a kids show, making a story that his core audience cares about, would make more sense.

Vince McMahon is the problem because instead of building talent he continues to rely on part timers, instead of just doing right by people who have talent he either embarrasses them for his own amusement or doesn't even use them.  Talent is unhappy, this is why Dean Ambrose left, this is why the Revival and Sasha Banks want to leave.  They care about wrestling, they care about telling a story, they care about true fans being happy because they are true fans themselves.  Money in the Bank is next week, but can you even tell?  Both ladder matches are being used as fodder instead of being seen as important, they are over saturating Becky to the point where people are turning on her which makes no sense at all.  Seth versus AJ isn't being treated like the attraction that it is, and don't even get me started on Kofi versus Owens.  Why is there a team of thirty plus writers who are losing there minds working with Vince if everything they do to make a good show is canceled? 

Ever since the creation of All Elite Wrestling it's eventual debut has Vince panicking and showing nothing but bitterness.  When he should be excited.  Competition is the back bone of wrestling.  His irrational decision to do the wild card rule makes everything more confusing then it needs to be.  True wrestling fans are going to enjoy both, cause that's what we do, enjoy wrestling.  So instead of panicking and making irrational decisions he needs to let everyone do what they are there to do.  Let writers actually write, let wrestlers do their job and tell the story they want to tell.  Let that story make sense and the fans that left will come back.  When the fans come back the networks will be happy.  It's a cycle that has one thing in the way, Vince McMahon.

Okay so that's it for me today, hopefully things change soon, us true fans will endure because that's what we do but, we want everyone to thrive including WWE so hopefully things change for the better soon.  For now, I'm MikeJC signing off.

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