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MikeJC here back again, Money in the Bank has come and gone, there was good there was bad, but I'm not here to talk about WWE.  Today I'm talking about All Elite Wrestling, Double or Nothing the first official pay-per-view event for AEW.  By now everyone knows the story, Cody and the Young Bucks put together All In last September, Tony Khan a huge wrestling fan and billionaire got behind there passion and helped them start this new brand.  They announced there partnership with TNT as well which is huge to get on a big network right away this fall.  The thing about AEW is this is a company by wrestling fans, for wrestling fans.  No politics, no drama behind the scenes.  Also they aren't doing this to compete with WWE.  They are doing this because they have a passion to create in the business that they love and give real fans an alternative. You don't have to choose, you can just love wrestling and watch both WWE and AEW as you please.  Also on how they have built stories on multiple YouTube channels has been very well done as they did for there stories for All In.  I will say I personally, don't know everyone and am excited to see new talents showcased on this level and hope that this helps the business of wrestling in a positive way.  So I'm gonna run down the matches on the Double or Nothing card and give my predictions and thoughts on everything.

Casino Battle Royal
Winner is added to the first AEW World Championship match
(at a later date)

I'm very intrigued by this match it's a new concept to the classic battle royal match, where everyone picks a card and each participant is given a suit and five people come out at a time with the twenty-first spot being the joker spot, and with the new wrinkle that the winner gets added to the first world championship match gives me all the incentive I need to be invested in it.  There's a lot of talent that I have heard of and seen before like Sonny Kiss, Jimmy Havoc, MJF, Joey Janela and Brian Pillman Jr that I know can make this match entertaining, and I'm excited to see new guys like Jungle Boy, Dustin Thomas (who has no legs) and the team of Private Party do what they can do with the talent involved.  As well as the veterans like Glacier and Shawn Spears (the former Tye Dillinger) who will help make them look great.  Currently there's four spots open so part of me thinks Hangman Adam Page will be added since his match with Pac isn't happening anymore (we don't know if he'll get a new singles opponent) and he will win.  I'm sure there will be other surprises as well.  So will be a very good match.
Kip Sabian vs. Sammy Guevara
 I have no shame in admitting I don't know everyone on this card and I'm actually excited about that.  I've seen very little of Sammy Guevara and absolutely nothing of Kip Sabian, I love that.  I want to see new guys and see how they work together and their styles clashing etc.  So I'm going in basically blind for this one and I love it.  I've seen Sammy Guevara's character on Being the Elite whose being portrayed as a very arrogant, doesn't have a lot of friends but he thinks he does kind of character.  So I feel this is as being treated as an appetizer match to get you excited about the aspect of exciting new talent, so if I have to pick someone I'll pick Guevara for the reason that he's been highlighted more.
Best Friends vs. Angelico & Jack Evans
 If you've watched Being the Elite, the Best Friends, Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor, have been acting like they deserve better, that they deserve a main card match.  Very arrogant, very "We are the best" mentality, to the point where Chuck Taylor threatened the Young Bucks family, of course this is a work and all, but enter a very, very good team, to shut up the Best Friends (mainly Chuck Taylor), Angelico and Jack Evans.  These two (Angelico and Evans) are two of the most athletic wrestlers in the world.  Who have wrestled the majority of their careers in Mexico.  I love these guys as a team and talents as a whole so I'm very excited to see them shut up the Best Friends, and doing it with a lot of high flying offense.  If Angelico and Evans remain a team I can see them going far within the division in the future and working well with other teams.
Six Woman Tag Team Match
Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, & Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe, & Ryo Mizunami
 So again, I don't know anything about anyone in this match except Aja Kong because her stint in WWE in 1995.  Everyone else is new to me, I haven't really seen a lot of Japanese Women's wrestling and that's okay, I'm happy they are getting this opportunity to showcase their talents to a new audience and excited to become acclimated with them.  I think Aja Kong's team will win.
SoCal Uncensored vs. Strong Hearts
 This is going to be a very entertaining match both teams are great, and I think this another showcase match, for the Strong Hearts team of Cima, T-Hawk, and El Lindaman.  All of these guys are basically very new to almost everyone watching.  SoCal doesn't need the win here, Daniels, Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky are established talents and have been featured heavily on Being the Elite as well, which has been the main way this show has been built up.  So I think the Strong Hearts will win this one, to show a new audience their in ring ability.  (Side Note: I know a lot of this show seems like I'm going in blind and technically I am, I'll openly admit I don't know everyone and that's fine I think, we should all be excited for more wrestling).
Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose vs. Kylie Rae
 So this match is being heavily promoted as the main woman match, and rightfully so I guess.  Britt Baker is being heavily promoted as the first female signing, she's doing all the press, the appearances etc.  Nyla appears be being built as the monster of the division and as for Kylie Rae, she is a great hand and I think it's gonna be a very slow build for her similar to Bayley in NXT, she's gonna work really hard to prove herself as the bubbly baby face of he division and down the line probably have a big feud for when they introduce the title.  As far as this match there's been a weird build of Brandi Rhodes telling all three ladies that she's behind them, I don't know if it's to get their confidence up to put on the best show or if there's a bigger picture here where she is gonna place herself as the top heel down he line.  Regardless of that I feel Nyla Rose is gonna win here, all three women will have great showings and I think Britt Baker will be the one whose protected and doesn't take the pin here.  Nyla seems like the one who would benefit the most from the win being the most unknown to fans I think.
Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes
 I love the build for this match, I love Dustin saying in the beginning this might be his last ride, and he's gonna go through his brother to do it.  I love Cody saying he's tired of his brother's era, and tired of wrestling being compared to it and saying he's going to kill the attitude era, but he loves his brother.  This has been amazingly built and I'm super excited to see this for the soul purpose that I think they will have no restrictions and I want to see how this will play out.  I think it's pretty obvious Dustin will do the job here and Cody wins, it's the right thing to do, but I'm sure it will be the best match that these two have ever had.
AAA World Tag Team Championship
(C) Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros.
 Another match that has been built amazingly, this match is about who is the best tag team in the world.  The Young Bucks haven't had a legit match since January, the Lucha Bros., Pentagon and Fenix have been killing it around the world.  The Young Bucks basically stole these belts, coaxing the Lucha Bros. into a second match, and winning the belts, giving them another championship to there long list of championships they've won.  I believe they are having another title match down the line in Mexico, so I think the Young Bucks will retain here and probably lose the titles back in Mexico.  These teams have had amazing matches in the past, is it even possible to top those, I don't know.  I'm sure they will try to go all out here and I'm super excited to see these two teams face off again.
Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega
Winner is added to the first AEW World Championship match
(at a later date)
 A lot of people expected a rematch in New Japan between these two down the line when it happened the first time, that never happened.  These two went different directions in New Japan and I'm okay with that completely because this is the perfect main event for this inaugural show, two of the best wrestling talents in the world.  Kenny will be a champion down the line, but I believe Jericho will win this, get his win back as they say.  Down the line build to a third match to settle the score.  Jericho is the right guy to build to the first ever AEW Championship match, he's established himself already as the top heel, saying that all AEW has built to this point is because of him and nobody else.  It just proves how amazing Chris Jericho is at being a heel and being a promoter.  Kenny is the perfect person to try to shut him up and it's fine for Kenny to lose here because we want to see him face all these other guys before becoming champ, and before settling the score with Jericho.  Jericho can hold this over Kenny, especially if Jericho becomes the first champ as a result.  I'm excited to see what they put together here, how they tell the story, and how Jericho will put himself over after the fact.
 Alright so that's all the matches.  I just wanna say you notice how with every match I'm just excited to watch wrestling, this isn't out of distain for WWE, it's pure excitement for more wrestling.  I love there's more main stream wrestling and my hope is that this will help WWE.  This isn't competition, it's just another option and true wrestling fans will enjoy this show and still watch WWE even if it's been rough lately (except NXT which is always good).  So that's it for me, enjoy the show on Saturday, thanks for reading, for now I'm MikeJC signing off.

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