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So I'm back, after a two month break, I was unable to get to discuss Summerslam, and NXT Takeover: Toronto, it's been a very busy couple of months, and burn out is real, when you have all your focus on one thing for the majority of the time, it is very hard to put your focus on multiple things sometimes.   So regardless of all of that, this isn't about WWE today, I'm going to run down the entire card for AEW All Out taking place this weekend, so here we go!

Tag Team Match
Private Party vs. Angelico & Jack Evans

This is sure to be a fast paced high flying affair.  It's going to be a real good one.  To me it doesn't seem to me Angelico and Jack Evans are as over as they would probably like, with that said Private Party needs a win here to further establish them and possibly for them to have a strong showing in the upcoming Tag Team Title Tournament.  As for Angelico and Evans I think they need time away from eachother, they can work the mid-card when the weekly TV begins and team again down the line.

Women's Casino Battle Royale
(Winner is entered in the first Women's Title Match at a later date)

So I'm not a huge fan of this concept, I understand they are trying to make a battle royal concept that's there's but this isn't it.  The idea of five competitors entering at the same time, is very dull, it feels rushed, it feels clunky.  Regardless I hope the announced people in it can make it a good one, as of now there's eleven announced competitors out of twenty-one.  The announced talents are Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Awesome Kong, Allie, Brandi Rhodes, the daughter of wrestling legend Roddy Piper, Teal Piper, Ivelisse, Jazz, Big Swole (Ariel Monroe in the Mae Young Classic), Sadie Gibbs, and Shazza McKenzie.  Of these eleven announced talent Britt Baker is the one that sticks out to me as a day one roster member who should win.  Teal Piper is very new to the business and she just signed with WOW so she is in there to get some exposure and that's it, Ivelisse hasn't signed so even though I'd like her to win she won't, same goes for the likes of Jazz, Big Swole, and Shazza McKenzie who are all great talents just haven't signed.  What I absolutely don't want is Brandi and Kong to team up to eliminate the majority of the field just for Brandi to win.  Also Aja Kong should not be in this match even though I'm sure she will be.  Britt Baker should be the winner.

Riho vs Hikaru Shida

I honestly don't know the context of this match being on the main card except to showcase the talent of both ladies.  They are both great performers who are sure to put on one of the best matches on the card.  There's no real reason to have this match except to enjoy good wrestling which is fine but I feel like every other match has a backstory that we are all aware of.   Regardless I think Shida will probably win to showcase her more cause we've seen Riho on every show so far, so it will be good for sure just wish there was a different match here I guess with a story around it.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marco Stunt vs. SoCal Uncensored

This match is kind of hard to call, for me, I don't think SoCal Uncensored needs the win, but it's very possible for them to win by pinning Marco Stunt, who honestly is probably never going to legitimately beat someone unless it's a sneak roll up.  Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are the talents who need to be protected here, cause their potential is endless, especially when we get that eventual Luchasaurus heel turn way down the line.  Also I think this is probably the match that Orange Cassidy could get involved in who just signed, and cause shenanigans at the expense of SCU.  So even though it's very hard to call, I'm picking the Luchasaurus team.

Cracker Barrel Clash
Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Joey Janela

Okay so I'm not going to pretend to know what a "Cracker Barrel Clash" is.  I'm assuming but don't quote me on this, that it's a hardcore rules triple threat sponsored by Cracker Barrel.  If that's the case, it's exactly what I'd expect for these three.  All three of these guys seem to enjoy to hurt themselves let alone their opponents.  The backstory here is that these three teamed at Fight for the Fallen, and they lost mainly because of miscommunication and all three considering themselves alphas.  It's gonna be hard hitting, it's gonna be painful, and I think we're all gonna love it.  Say what you want about the hardcore wrestling style, it's very fun to watch.  Darby Allin is probably going to win, I think the higher ups (Cody) see something in him and that's why he didn't lose to Cody at Fyter Fest.  He's also the most unknown as far as casual fans go and he could use a big win here.

Tag Team Match
The Dark Order vs. The Best Friends
(Winner receives a first round bye in the Tag Team Title Tournament)

So it seems to me that The Dark Order is the pet project of the tag division.  I'm not too fond of the gimmick, but they proved to me that they are great in ring talents, more so Stu Grayson who is a stellar technical wrestler.  His partner Evil Uno seems to be too slow, and isn't really able to keep up with the fast paced environment we've see thus far in the tag team divison, hopefully he works on that.  The Best Friends were the perfect team to get here cause they don't need the win.  They are better off working from behind in the tag title tournament I'm sure it will be a good match with the Dark Order winning to establish them as top heels in the division and giving them the advantage in the tag tournament.

Cody vs. Shawn Spears

I absolutely love the story here.  Shawn Spears is tired of being called a good hand.  In wrestling a good hand is considered someone you can rely on to put on a good match and make the other wrestler look better.  Shawn Spears has been called a good hand his whole career and when he heard Cody, a good friend of his call him that, he felt like he was stabbed in the back.  Shawn Spears doesn't want to be considered "a good hand" anymore, he wants to be a player who accomplishes things in the business.  The story here is personal, and the extra layer of Tully Blanchard managing Spears who had a long history with Cody's father in NWA alongside the horsemen, makes this even more personal to Cody, and it is sure to be a great match.  With that said, Cody is untouchable in AEW so Shawn Spears should absolutely win here.  It establishes him as a top heel, and makes him ready for bigger and better things which he deserves here.

PAC vs. Kenny Omega

This one comes with some unfortunate news attached, this was originally supposed to be Jon Moxley versus Kenny Omega, but Moxley had to withdraw from the show because a staff infection returned in his elbow.  The story going in was great, Moxley made his debut at Double or Nothing and targeting the biggest name he could, Kenny Omega.  Making the biggest impact he could after breaking shackles attached in WWE.  With Moxley out, AEW pulled off a cue and brought in PAC.  PAC was supposed to be in AEW already, but some booking disagreements between AEW and Dragon Gate of whom PAC was their world champion at the time.  After he lost that title, it became possible for PAC to come in and do whatever he wants in AEW.  This is a match we all knew we wanted and would get at some point but the fact it's here now is almost unbelievable, I expect this to be an amazing match, possibly match of the night depending on how well these two work together with Omega getting the win.  If it was still Moxley I would have went the other way, but even though PAC has done zero in AEW I think giving Kenny a big win over a last minute replacement helps him get more momentum going forward.

Escalera De La Muerte
AAA World Tag Team Championship
The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros.

So to this point, these two teams have faced two times already in AEW, and five times total in the last three months if you include AAA matches.  I don't want to see this match again for a very long time after this, also I don't want to see AAA championships in AEW again like ever.  I get they needed something to fight for make this rivalry mean something but I was hoping for both these teams to have different matches at this show.  Regardless, these teams always have a great match, and with ladders being involved it adds even more things they can pull off in this one.  The Lucha Bros. are absolutely going to win, end this rivalry, and stop defending AAA belts on AEW events. 

AEW World Championship
Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho

This match has been built beautifully, Adam Page has been the guy AEW has wanted at the top from the beginning, Jericho is the top heel that needed to be in this position.   With that said, Jericho is winning.  The thing that is perfect about Jericho winning here, is everyone kind of expects Adam Page to win because of the way he's been booked to this point as the top babyface, "the Chosen One" to carry the company on his back for the foreseeable future.  With that said, I think its perfect for Jericho to foil that, and down the line Adam Page will earn another shot and have an amazing chase to the belt.  With Jericho gloating the whole way about how this company is nothing without him and he's the champion we don't deserve.  I'm very excited to watch this match, and see where everything goes from here.

So that's all the matches on the card it's sure to be a great show, and a new chapter for all wrestling fans. Enjoy the show, and lastly don't "choose" a side, whether you've always been a WWE fan and always will be or your ready for something new just respect the business we all love, and just enjoy.  Thanks for reading what I have to say and hopefully things will work out for me and I can do more posts like this as well as other ideas I have.

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