Smackdown Has Become the Show to Miss

What's going on everyone, MikeJC here, back again, talking about the thing I love, wrestling, as I do every week on here.  More frequently then not though, when I discuss wrestling on here, it's to talk about concerns, it's to try and figure out why some of things I see on these shows are happening.  Like most people these days, AEW is a breathe of fresh air for wrestling fans like me who have been begging for something new, something fresh etc.  Back when Smackdown moved to FOX at the beginning of October, we all were prepared for that show to finally be bigger and better then ever, unfortunately that has not happened, at all.

After the most recent draft, I had a lot of concerns about how it turned out, I thought Smackdown would be stacked with talent because of the FOX deal, I thought Smackdown would be taken seriously, finally.  I was sadly proven wrong, and it's worse then I could have imagined.  Think about this, the best Smackdown in years featured NXT talent, Smackdown was against the wall, all there talent was trapped in another country unable to be in attendance to perform, NXT steps in and puts on a banger of a show one of the best television shows WWE has ever put on.

Backs against the wall, less scripting, more organic feel because it needed to happen, and they created gold.  Every Smackdown before and after that, has been nothing but scripted dreck, there's one, maybe two, things on smackdown worth watching right now, that's The Fiend, and Bayley.  Everything else on this show is exactly what has been wrong for a while now.  Roman in a pointless feud that is leading to nothing,  Braun not even in a feud doing exactly what he's been doing for years now and not improving in the ring at all, and lets not forget the misuse of talent, as well as the lack of talent available.

Not only that, Brock Lesnar who was on Smackdown gets to choose what show he's on just because, but in return Smackdown gets nothing.  They could have moved Samoa Joe, sent Kevin Owens back, or even sent Seth and Becky over.  The point is there's no storyline reason for Brock moving except, "he wanted to because he can", that's stupid.

The perfect example of what's truly wrong with Smackdown is this "feud" between Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns.  These stupid dog references, calling Roman who goes by the "Big Dog" a puppy, etc. is not what we had in mind I think when it comes to a "top" program on "Smackdown on FOX".  We were told these kinds of stories would stop.  This is over scripted stupidity and Vince McMahon probably booked it because he finds it funny.  Not to mention the continuous over booking of Baron Corbin, someone nobody turns Smackdown on to see.

I mentioned earlier that there's been misuse of talent, look no further then Chad Gable.  When the King of the Ring tournament started a couple of months back, right out of the gate all everyone was doing was making short jokes about Gable, then he started to embrace it, and changed his name to Shorty Gable, and then to Shorty G.  This has gradually gotten worse and worse to the point where now hes wrestling in a basketball uniform.  This is not how you build a talent, at all.  This man was in Olympics, he should be a new generation Kurt Angle, hell have Kurt be his manager, it be a hell of an endorsement, it wouldn't seem forced like the Jason Jordan crap from a few years ago, and it wouldn't look corny either.  The emphasis on the fact that he's short is stupid and unneeded when Gable is 5'8", guess who else was 5'8", Eddie Guerrero.

Let's not also forget the talent that just sit around and do nothing or are treating like they aren't worth it.  Guys like Cesaro, Drew Gulak, Apollo Crews, and Luke Harper, all stellar talents, all could doing a lot to help this show, if they were given the opportunity to do so, instead they are treated like garbage, by doing all the jobs or not even being on TV.  Cesaro should be a former World Champion already, he's that good.  Gulak could be a top heel in the mid-card for years to come, instead he's picking fights with Braun over Powerpoint presentations and getting destroyed.  Apollo Crews has been a smiley babyface with no direction for years, he needs to change his entire character, even go heel and actually be used to do so.  Lastly, Luke Harper, you want to talk about underutilized talent, there's nobody that applies to more then Luke Harper.  Harper has all the tools and after he heeled from injury he sat at home for most of the year.  It's criminal that these guys don't get to show what they got but could that really be that hard with a team of thirty writers, I don't think so.

There lies the problem.  Thirty plus writers, who aren't even getting to do their job, because of Vince McMahon stepping in and changing everything personally.  Why even have a team of writers at this rate, the most recent episodes of Smackdown that weren't the NXT invasion episode have Vince McMahon all over them.  That needs to stop more then ever now, the XFL is starting soon, is Vince McMahon going to have time for this?  Will the quality of WWE as a whole continue to drop?  The jist of it is, Vince needs to step back and maybe just maybe the quality of Smackdown will be on the rise, instead of it being a show worth missing every week.

That's gonna do it for me this week, keep it here for future posts, as well as other projects I hope to work on in the future, and continue to just love wrestling, continue to hope for the best to come, we didn't even discuss Survivor Series which is shaping up to be a big show this year, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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