WWE TLC 2019 Predictions

So, feels like not too long ago we were getting ready Survivor Series, and the fact of the matter is, that's cause it's only been two weeks since Survivor Series.  WWE's constant over-saturating of the schedule, proves once again how much they suck at story telling.  There's been little to no build to this show at all, and let's not forget how there isn't a single's title on the line at all on this show which is the stupidest thing ever.  So let's get into the matches.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

This is one of the three matches I'm actually looking forward to on this show, the only match any real build to it on the card.  I've not been a fan of the "knock on my door and pick a fight with me" thing Aleister has been doing, it seems very trite and lazy to me.  The man is too good for that, he should be going to anyone he wants and beating them, and eventually onto championships.  After this I'd love to see Aliester in the United States Title picture.  As for Buddy Murphy, hes finally getting the recognition he deserves as a talent, in and outside of the ring.  This is going to be a hell of a match, I'm very much looking forward to this one and it could be match of the night, with Aleister getting the win and both guys having a great showing.

Tables Match
Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

Where do I begin with this garbage, this storyline from the very beginning has been very, very, very stupid.  None of it makes sense, none of it is entertaining, it insults the intelligence of everyone watching.  As I've said in the past, Lana either has really good promos or really, really bad promos, and that's making this even worse.  Rusev and Lana are not "divorced", Lana isn't sleeping with Lashley, it's all very stupid, and very insulting.  I want this to end forever and never be mentioned again, the only way that happens is if Rusev wins.

RAW Tag Team Championship
(C) Viking Raiders vs. TBA

So instead of the Viking Raiders having a legitimate feud with the so-called "best tag team in the world" (which winning such a moniker should probably earn you a title shot), Gallows and Anderson of The OC.  They are doing nothing, after being the only RAW superstars to win at Survivor Series.  So they are having an open challenge.  To me this has to AOP, they look better then ever and since they will be backing up Seth that puts them in prime position to win titles and carry the division and have a legitimate feud with the Viking Raiders.  If AOP is the mystery opponent they will win, but if it's anyone else including Gallows and Anderson the Viking Raiders will retain.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match
(C) New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs. The Revival

This match was last minute put together, because Robert Roode was suspended.  Basically it was, "when in doubt New Day versus Revival", which is fine but how many time can you have one match with a different stipulation.  This should have been Heavy Machinery, they need a big match, to get out of the comedy role bs they are in now.  Of course this will be a great match regardless, I'm never disappointed when these two teams face, and this time it's a ladder match.  So it will be great of course, I'm just tired of the redundancy and lack of story.  New Day retain, obviously.

Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz

I hate everything about this.  This is a placeholder feud that isn't even for the the biggest championship in WWE that is actually on TV every week.  The story of Fire Fly Funhouse Bray Wyatt stalking The Miz's daughter is just unnecessary and to not have a title on the line is even worse.  It's obvious this is a one off that won't even include The Fiend.  It's very clear we're going to see a Daniel Bryan vs Fiend rematch at Royal Rumble and I don't understand why WWE would do this pointless match in it's place.  Bray Wyatt will win, and move on from this hopefully.

TLC Match
Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin

I never want to see Roman Reigns versus Baron Corbin ever again, this match included.  I hate everything about this feud.  I hate Baron Corbin doing a pointless king gimmick for no reason.  I hate Roman being attached to this garbage at all.  Everything about this is bad.  On top of all that, a TLC match with no prize, one of the stupidest things WWE does countless times.  I hate this so much, I don't even want it to happen let alone it possibly being the main event of the entire show.  Baron Corbin is not a heel that anyone sees as a main eventer.  His in ring work has improved a lot and I'll give him that, but he has the kind of heel heat that is called "Go Away Heat" meaning he's not being booed because he's a heel, he's being booed because people are tired of him being in a prominent role all the time.  I'm tired of seeing at the beginning and/or end of every single Smackdown.  I'm tired of this being one of the soul reasons for Smackdown being a garbage show since the FOX move.  I'm just done, and all of this needs to stop, and of course it will end with Roman winning and hopefully never facing Corbin ever again, and I mean ever.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship
TLC Tag Team Match
(C) Kabuki Warriors vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte

The true main event of this show, and rightfully so.  This is going to be a hell of a match, I mean look at whose in it.  Four of the best wrestlers in the business.  This is gonna be full of back and forth action with Asuka and Kairi hopefully retaining.  This match won't hurt Becky and Charlotte if they lose because they won't be getting pinned or submitted.  Asuka needs to continue having the number of Becky in big matches, so we can get to to eventual singles match most likely at Royal Rumble for the RAW Women's Championship, where Becky finally gets a win over Asuka, and Becky will move on to whoever wins the Rumble.  As for Charlotte, I'm completely fine with her being in this match, because shes not hogging the spotlight by being in a singles match, again.  I'm tired of her being included in everything just cause.  I'm tired of her being treated more special then everyone else, and I'm glad she has the least steam currently out of all the Four Horsewomen.  She can still have big matches without a title being involved, the fact she already has ten championship reigns sounds like too many to me, and wouldn't mind if she never won a title ever again.  If she is the one to get seventeen title reigns (even though Ric Flair really has like twenty-one world titles) is ridiculous to me.  It will aggravate me to no end.  So we'll see what happens after this I guess.

So that's all the matches, I don't have a lot of hope for this show, no singles titles on the line annoys me a lot.  A few of the matches on the card annoy me even more.  So maybe I'll be surprised, but it's very possible this could be the worst pay-per-view of the year that isn't a stupid Saudi Arabia show.  Also the fact there's no sign of Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, or Cesaro on this show aggravates me the most probably.  That's gonna do it for me, thanks for reading and look out for more from me on here and on the the site I'm contributing for, thedailychinlock.home.blog.

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  1. watch bobby lashley beat up rusev and take his girl for good!


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