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Hey everyone, so it's been an interesting few weeks in the wrestling world.  RAW has been up and down, NXT has been amazing, AEW has some kinks they need to work out, and Smackdown has been for lack of a better term, bad.  So I'm gonna talk about something from each show that I either, have concerns about, or needs to change.  So let's start off with RAW.


Alright as we all know by now, Buddy Murphy lost a third straight match against Aleister Black, and this is actually something I really liked.  After he lost, he took this loss very hard and he sat outside the ring through the next segment and into the one after that, I loved this it was a great touch, and it made it seem like Murphy was broken.  He sold this great, he was desperate for a win and he failed again.  Then during the main event, a giant brawl breaks out between Seth Rollins and AOP versus Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Big Show, Seth asked Murphy to help them take down the Big Show, and it was like a light went off in Murphy's head "I can be something if I follow him."  Now this is great I like it because it's good for Murphy and it keeps him on TV.  My one and only concern is, I love the whole "Monday Night Messiah", however I don't want this to be treated as Seth having AOP and Buddy Murphy as lackeys while Seth does nothing, I don't want this group to lose a lot and Murphy takes all the pins to keep Seth looking strong.  I want complete domination, AOP and Buddy Murphy should also be winning, keep everyone strong, everyone equal.  Use this to build Murphy to somewhere we never thought he'd be that's what needs to happen.


I said earlier, NXT has been amazing, and that's true, they been pushing the right people (except Bianca Belair), they are building talent and and the matches are great, there's one problem in NXT, that's tag teams.  NXT has had a very good history as far at tag teams ago, the peak at this point was 2015-2017, now there's no doubt there's been great matches, there's been great feuds the years after but, the star power just isn't there in the division anymore.  The reason Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly keep getting long reigns is because there's no other top heel teams that can carry the division.  Now like I said there's been great feuds, their feud with Mustache Mountain was amazing as were the matches, but those guys are usually in the NXT UK brand.  The Forgotten Sons are not connecting with the crowd they get little to no reaction, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan aren't on TV currently and they weren't connecting either even though they had great matches.  The Dusty Classic this year is half NXT and half NXT UK, and two of the teams on the NXT side aren't regular tag teams.  NXT needs to more established tag teams, that aren't from the UK brand.


Where do I begin with this, AEW right out the gate was very good, very different however, after a few weeks they starting throwing out group after group, and the worst one is the Nightmare Collective.  I don't even know what this group is, Brandi Rhodes is the leader, she's a great talker and that's it but every time she steps in the ring to wrestle I want to change the channel, and her "followers" are Awesome Kong who is a "headhunter" who is obsessed with other girls hair, lets not forget how Kong can barely move or take a bump, Melanie Cruise who is actually a very good worker who "volunteered" to join the group and let Brandi shave her head (sound familiar) and last but not least, Dr. Luther, a death match specialist who has never worked on a national stage, and mostly worked death matches in Japan.  It's safe to say that I have no idea what the point of this group is, I don't even think Brandi knows what this group is and she has to try to put it over on TV.  It's very quickly became another "join us" gimmick that is a complete rip off of the Straight Edge Society with no goals what so ever.  If I could never see Awesome Kong or Brandi ever wrestle again I'd take it.  If I could throw this group away completely I would and pretend it never happened which is exactly what AEW should do.


This is not an exaggeration, Smackdown has been horrible.  Everything about Smackdown has been on the decline.  The thing is you'd think that with a huge TV deal that can end badly WWE would want to put on a good show every week, and it ends up being the exact opposite every week.  I can't remember an episode since the move to FOX that I've enjoyed all the way through.  Everything on that show is in shambles, the lack of credible title contenders, interesting storylines, use of the talent in every division, it's all bad.  The Roman Reigns versus Baron Corbin feud has been going on for way too long, and I keep saying I never want to see them ever face again, and it just keeps happening.  Daniel Bryan is back to being his original character which is fine but I really, really enjoyed his heel character.  The women's division is the same shit every week, Bayley and Sasha only care about Bayley and Sasha and they make fun of people, the only saving grace could be the tag team division but we all know how much WWE (Vince) doesn't care about that.  So what needs to change on Smackdown, everything.  If they do a shake up after Wrestlemania they need to change up this roster, and actually have credible heels and faces on this show, care about every division and stop pushing Baron Corbin, that would help immensely.

That's gonna do it for me, all of these shows have talent that could put on a great show, all of these shows can be good shows.  RAW has had a huge turn around and needs to show that by not ruining something that's working.  NXT needs to desperately build that tag team division.  AEW needs to stop putting bad groups together and just care about building new talent and putting on good stories.  Smackdown, well Smackdown needs a complete overhaul of everything, because it's the worst it's ever been ever.  I hope all these things work out for the better, but there might be no hope for Smackdown.

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