Why Does Vince Hate Babyfaces?

Braun Strowman recently became Universal champion, but since that happened, he's been portrayed as dull, boring, and has been reading scripts and sounding like an idiot while doing it.  This isn't something new, this has been a Vince McMahon-ism for sometime now.  He wants to mold his babyface superstars into what he wants and not let them be themselves.

For years after the Attitude Era, where character was everything and everyone was different, Vince continues to ruin his babyface characters by doing this.  Braun Strowman is a monster, and should be treated as such, and preferably as a heel.  It's very obvious to me and many others, he is not a good babyface at all.  A "monster" shouldn't be afraid of anything, a "monster" shouldn't be doing sit down interviews where he gets a gift and he acts like his friend who is a woman got it for him.  All of it comes off as corny, dry, and un-entertaining.  For years, Roman Reigns was the perfect example of this, reading a script word for word, saying things like sufferin' succotash, just cause Vince McMahon wrote it.  That never worked and never will work and this is why babyfaces can't get over today which Vince treating them this way.

Another perfect example is Ricochet, since he's been on RAW, he's been playing this "super heroes are real" character that sounds over written, over produced by writers, and just bland.  Ricochet is over because of the things he does in the ring because he's that good, but when you make him sound like a Saturday morning cartoon giving the kids advice, you drown out what makes him good.  He should be allowed to be himself, and there lies the problem.

Let's look at the babyfaces of the Attitude era, Stone Cold Steve Austin, anti-establishment, take no prisoners, don't trust anyone, babyface.  Why did this work?  The reason it worked was because Steve was being himself, turned up to 100.  He wasn't told to say certain things, he wasn't told sound a certain way, and it turned into the biggest time in the wrestling business as far as buy rates, and crowds go.  Everyone loved Steve Austin and never ever got tired of him.  Let's also look at The Rock, when The Rock first came in, as Rocky Maivia, he was hated, and not the way he wanted to be hated, because he was a babyface who got booed on a regular basis, why you ask?  It's because he was playing a character that was being forced and wasn't entertaining, sound familiar?  It wasn't until he officially became The Rock, that he not only got the fans behind him, but he became the biggest name in the history of the not only wrestling but entertainment as a whole.

There's one person in WWE today that is being used correctly as a babyface, and that's Drew McIntyre.  Ever since Drew McIntyre became the guy, he has been doing everything right as a babyface, everything that Braun Strowman should be doing, everything that Roman should have been doing in 2015.  Being himself, showing personality, being someone we want to see because he earned it.  

Vince McMahon, needs to stop, writing scripted promos and making all of his babyfaces sound stupid and boring.  Let them show their real personality whether it's turned up to 100 or not.  This is how you build babyfaces, this is how you build new stars, this is how find your new face of the company and don't have to rely on part timers anymore.

That's gonna do it for me, all I really want is to enjoy wrestling, every aspect of wrestling.  Things like this or continuity of the storylines need to change for everything to make sense and just make wrestling great again.  I say this because I love it, and not because I want to stop watching it.  So thanks for reading, look out for more projects and announcements to come, I'm excited about everything that I'm currently working on and can't wait to share it with the wrestling community.  

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