10 Things In WWE That Need To Change Tomorrow, But Won't

Alright, so I haven't had the creative drive to write recently.  I started doing audio, and like I said in the most recent one.  Some topics will be easier to write about and some will be easier to discuss more in audio.  So I'm gonna try something different today.  Everyone is doing countdowns of some kind, we all seen them, so I decided to do one here.  I don't know if this will be a regular thing or not, and I'm gonna try not to talk about each entry that (in my opinion) need to change in WWE but probably won't because of the man pictured above.  I don't think this will be a regular thing unless I get ideas of my own to do more or people suggest them on twitter (@MikeJC821.)  Regardless lets start this one, 10 Things In WWE That Need to Change Tomorrow, But Won't.  In no particular order by the way, and some of these might only be things that bother me so I hope that people will respect that no matter how outlandish the entries may be.

10. Commentary

For way too long, WWE has had a commentary problem.  Everyone sounds the same, as far as newer people go, everyone says crap that Vince McMahon tells them to say.  Everyone sounds dumb, three person teams continue to not work, there's no real personality.  Some are worse then others, but the biggest problem is everyone is just there, and not helping at all.  On RAW we have Tom Phillips who would be good if he had a good partner to bounce of, and he knew a move or two, Byron Saxton who is the most blandest commentator of all time, and is so molded to the way Vince McMahon wants him to sound that he just sounds stupid every time he opens his mouth, and Jerry Lawler who should be gone because he is no longer needed.  Smackdown isn't that bad surprisingly, and NXT has the problem of just too many people.  They all need to be two person teams, and they all need to have their own personality (which isn't really a problem in NXT).  Get rid of Byron, get rid of Jerry Lawler.

9. Underutilized Talent

WWE for a long time has been focusing on the wrong talent, this has resulted in nobody new getting opportunities, and the wrong people being relied on to carry the show (more on that later), in turn nobody feels like a star anymore.  How can someone look like a star, act like a star, and actually be a star when they aren't getting the chance to prove it.  For too long people like Cesaro, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, Mustafa Ali, Dana Brooke, and some recent departures like Rusev, Sarah Logan and Deonna Purrazo (just to name a few), have just been treated like "jobbers to the stars", treated like they don't matter, when all the talent named, and more that weren't are just being wasted.  Talent matters, when you are as good as people like Cesaro is, that should warrant opportunities.  Instead of all the same people getting everything, you can love Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Seth Rollins, but when are the work horses like the people named earlier going to shine?

8. Using Contracted Talent as Jobbers

Recently, we've seen more and more of local Florida talent being used as enhancement talent, however when WWE was still on the road in arenas across the country a lot of times they would use lower card talent as the enhancement talent.  To me that isn't helping anyone, continue to use local talent in these roles instead of hurting the talent you have.  More so recently again because of the current climate, they've been using NXT talent that are currently not being used as enhancement talent as well, and this is something I don't want either.  If NXT talents aren't ready, don't use them this way wait until they are ready and have the tools needed to be featured.

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