Audio Blog - Episode 7: Extreme Rules 2020 Predictions

In this episode of my audio blog, I give my thoughts on the recent goings on outside of WWE with the emergence of EVIL as the newest member of Bullet Club and him becoming the new IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion, as well as my thoughts on the recent WWE releases no-compete clauses being up today and the podcast by Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson that they did last night at the stroke of midnight as a tell all on their way out the door.

Then it is followed by my predictions for "The Horror Show" at Extreme Rules, as well as my thought on that horrible name, what I think about all the matches taking place and where some of the people involved should go from here.

Song: Badass by Ihsandincer

Once again I hope everyone enjoys the show (or at least tries to) and continues to enjoy wrestling as a whole.  Thanks for the support if you've been around since I started this site.  I hope everyone enjoys the new design which I like very much and hope to keep it this way for a while.

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