Does Vince McMahon Want WWE to Fail?

Think about this, WWE has been bad, and not "WWE bad" but just really, really bad.  RAW, has been boring, the wrong people are getting title opportunities, and there seems to be no real direction that results in anything good as far as wrestling goes.  Smackdown, has been worse then ever before really since the move to FOX, but last week in particular was possibly the worst episode ever in the history of the show.  It's gotten to the point where if you don't watch Smackdown you miss nothing of importance at all.

So all of that got me thinking.  Does Vince McMahon want WWE to fail?  Remember back in 2002, when WWE ran a storyline where Vince McMahon himself brought the NWO in, to in his words "kill my creation and inject it with poison.", but is he doing that now for real on his own?  Does Vince McMahon have a one track mind these days?  Absolutely.  Does Vince McMahon do things on his shows that only entertain him?  Absolutely.  Does Vince McMahon not care anymore?  It's very hard not to argue this.  I've been saying for awhile that if things in WWE made sense, it would not only be more entertaining, but make the product way more tolerable and worth watching.  Let me just preface this with what I say all the time.  I love wrestling, I want wrestling to flourish in any way possible, so me bringing up this and anything else I see wrong with WWE, is not me wanting to give it up and stop watching, it's me wanting it to be better for everyone.

This past weeks episode of Smackdown in particular was so bad that it insulted the intelligence of anyone who watched it.  Nothing important happened, nothing was done to help anyone at all.  They had a freaking karaoke competition with absolutely no explanation at all on a wrestling show.  That was unforgivable, embarrassing and something that FOX should have ended the broadcast because of it.  We heard before the FOX deal went into place that FOX wanted more of a sports feel and less stupid Vince McMahon comedy segments.  In that time, we've had dog food thrown on multiple people, a singing competition just to name a couple.  That is the same thing on RAW though, for months we had a rivalry between two great tag teams that didn't involve any wrestling at all, and not only was it bad, it was unconscionable.

To further prove my point, WWE has a team of writers, like over thirty people, and the shows they put out every week result in just garbage.  Why do they have that many people writing the show?  How are they failing this hard?  It can't be their fault, it has to be the person they work for right?  Why wouldn't it be.  Every week we have champions being defeated in non-title matches which kills their momentum and makes there impending title defenses too predictable, therefore killing the excitement for their own product, why would the person who runs a WRESTLING company do this to all his champions except the world champions and his product as a whole?  If you build up a title feud but have the champion lose to the person they're feuding with before that title match takes place in turn why should I care anymore about said title match?  

I get that Vince McMahon claims he's in the ENTERTAINMENT business but his main product is wrestling.  Why wouldn't a man whose job it is, to put out a wrestling product want it to be the best it can be?  Vince McMahon clearly doesn't care anymore and if he did RAW and Smackdown in particular would be as good as NXT.  Vince McMahon needs to stop booking his shows for casual fans and actually let people who know what they're doing, do their jobs.  Stop changing everything, stop focusing on legends, let people who want to be there do what they came do.  Make it fun again.

Now I get this current era isn't the ideal circumstance for everything I'm talking about.  People are at home, that aren't hurt because their health is in jeopardy.  Vince McMahon needs to care about his product as much as we care about his product.  Give real talent opportunities, make us care about his product again, and stop trying to kill it like it seems like he is now.  People who work for him and have worked for him for a very long time, who are doing nothing.  I don't need three R-Truth segments that nobody asked for just because Vince needs a laugh it's ignorant and insulting.  You absolutely don't need your tag champions bowling, playing archery, or running a badly edited decathlon.  That doesn't make wrestling fans want to tune in.

Lastly I'd like to add, as a wrestling fan if I'm trying to explain my love for wrestling to someone who doesn't watch wrestling, why I love it and why I watch it every single week, and they tune in and see women singing karaoke for no reason, they are gonna question why I watch this every single week.  It's definitely not going to make them want to watch it again, where as a great story, that does it's job and leads to a great match with the right build, definitely will.  So in closing, why is wrestling, WWE in particular, struggling more then it ever has in it's history?  Does the person who made it what it is today, not know how to do it the right way anymore?  It's very, very likely, and it's all very, very sad.

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