Audio Blog - Episode 11: Retribution Sucks & WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Predictions


Alright so full disclosure, in the heat of the moment, and in my frustration of talking about this show and recording audio about this show, and the angle discussed before hand I forgot to talk about the Smackdown Women's Championship match, ideally it's because the match isn't interesting or exciting.  So I'm gonna discuss it here.

Smackdown Women's Championship
Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross

So I think it's completely understandable that I forgot to talk about this in my audio.  The reason being as it's really a throw away match.  We all know Nikki isn't winning.  This is all building to Bayley versus Sasha Banks, we all know that.  Bayley is going to keep this championship until Sasha beats her for it.  We all know that.  The story here is Smackdown doesn't have any other credible contenders to be in this match.  Lacey is not good, Naomi is only good when she feels like being good instead of all the time.  Tamina, just no.  Smackdown needs more credible women.  That's why it made zero sense to me that they moved Mandy to Raw, I get Sonya will be back at some point but we don't know when.  They need to move some people from Raw to Smackdown, move Peyton to Smackdown, really have her split from Billie Kay if you're really gonna break them up.  So Bayley will win here no question.  They want you to believe Nikki has a chance because Sasha won't be in Bayley's corner this time unlike every other time Nikki had a shot at the belt.  She doesn't, Bayley is keeping this belt for a very, very long time, and I hope it's until Wrestlemania, after Sasha wins the Rumble, and Sasha beats her.  That's the only way it should go.

So enjoy my audio discussing the other matches, as well as my very candid thoughts on Retribution, it's a good one.

I hope everyone tries to enjoy the show, as always and just continue to enjoy wrestling of any kind.

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