What Is WWE In 2020?


So let me be honest for a few minutes.  The past few months for me have been rough from a personal standpoint, and because of that I've taken a lot of time to myself and needed to recharge, I've still been doing reviews for another site I contribute for, but this site has lacked because of it.  I haven't posted a writing on here since August or done an audio since September.  That's going to change.  I'm back, and things are looking up (for the most part).  So today I'm back and what else is there to to talk about except WWE.

In the time I've been away, a lot has happened, and don't worry I didn't miss any of it, a draft, Hell In a Cell, the constant misuse of certain talents (which isn't new but its at an all time low right now), the failure to get a story over on Raw specifically, and the build to Survivor Series has begun (there will be something about that coming soon and it's not gonna be happy thoughts).  So let's break this down, what is WWE in 2020?

For years we've been told WWE isn't a "Wrestling" company, they are a "Entertainment" company, but is that part of the problem?  For years WWE has tried to condition us to think the stories are more important then the in ring work, that a thing that happened last week doesn't matter or a thing that happened a month ago doesn't matter because "we are too stupid to remember it anyway".  This might sound like a rehash of certain things I've spoke about in the past but, how can you not rehash these things if they don't change or get better.  Every single week, we are told "this doesn't matter" every episode of Raw doesn't matter.  Nothing on Raw in the last decade has felt important and if it does, they just ruin it, and blame it on something else, it can't possibly be their own fault right?

Vince McMahon at one point in his career was considered a genius, because of how he changed everything and went national, and the business was never the same, etc. but today, not so much.  Now Vince is 75, he's been the owner since 1982, two years away from forty years of owning the business.  It's clear to many just by watching the show again just by watching Raw, his creative juices aren't flowing anymore.  He has thirty plus writers under his employ and almost every single week, we get reports of him ripping up the script forty minutes before show time and personally rewriting the entire show and it shows.

So you have to wonder, is Vince McMahon all there?  Now let me reiterate again, this is all rehashed things that I and many others have spoke about before,  but when is enough, enough.  In 2010 the WWE champion was Randy Orton, and the Money in the Bank  holder was The Miz, guess who holds both of those distinctions today?  We've had a story building between Sasha Banks and Bayley for a long time, and instead of keeping them apart and building one of the more important stories to the biggest shows of the year, WrestleMania, not only did they blow it by having the match at a themed pay-per-view in October, they had Sasha win therefore making it unnecessary for them to ever face again, but they will, at least three more times.  

Retribution, a group that was introduced as an answer to low ratings, and Vince not being happy with the target demo not watching Raw, was introduced as a group whose soul purpose was to vandalize things.  Then they were "signed" because that was the only way WWE could "legally" fight back....what?  Now remember, Vince McMahon thinks we are stupid and don't see how dumb that is, always keep that in mind.  Then they had a draft and drafted them to a show when the storyline thing to do would have been don't draft them at all a perfect reason to start more violence because as we know that was their purpose.  Right before that Mustafa Ali was introduced as the mastermind behind the whole thing and they tied up some lose ends on a storyline that was abandoned, the smackdown hacker, then Retribution has done nothing but lose, therefore making everything that has happened stupid.  Then Mustafa Ali will come out and say "as long as we're making chaos it doesn't matter if we win.", doing everything he can to save it, because clearly Vince doesn't care how good Ali is.

Week after week we wonder, what are they doing with stellar talents, like the aforementioned Mustafa Ali, Keith Lee, Aleister Black, Ricochet, and the list goes on, but Vince McMahon will wonder why these people can't get over, and why they won't "grab the brass ring.", it's because he doesn't want them to.  He wants you to get excited for a third match between Randy Orton and Edge.  That brings me to my next problem, the constant over booking of rematch after rematch.  Drew McIntyre versus Randy Orton should have ended after the second match, the story was wrapped up there, it didn't need a third and it certainly didn't need a badly planned Hell in a Cell match.  Nobody wants to see the same match week after week, nobody wants to see a DQ finish as a way of continuing the story, nobody wants to see any of this crap that Vince thinks is working.

So that brings us to the main question of this article, What is WWE in 2020?  The answer is simple, a play thing for Vince McMahon to drive fans away.  He doesn't care about what the we want, he doesn't care if anything makes sense, and he doesn't care if all the talent that he's wasting just sitting there wasting away just to keep them away from AEW.  So in turn he just doesn't care.  I refuse to give him credit for what's happening with Roman Reigns on Smackdown because there's no way he came up with that, if he did it would be bad and its actually the best thing in WWE right now.  Hey look something positive!

So people wonder, what is it going to take for WWE to be good on every show, the answer is simple and obviously this will take time once it happens for it to matter, Vince needs to give up creative control, and go away.  His vision whatever that is now is not good, it hasn't been in a very long time, and again I can't emphasize this enough, I don't say these things because I want to stop watching because I love wrestling, I want things to make sense, and for the show to be good, I don't think that's asking too much.  The person in charge needs to care as much as true hardcore fans care, and clearly he doesn't.

That's gonna do it for me, make sure to look out for more writings and audio like this, as well as everything I'm doing outside of this, go to sltdwrestling.com every Wednesday for my review of AEW Dynamite, I don't hold back on that show either.  Go linktr.ee/3pgamecast for all the way's you can watch, listen to and support the gaming podcast I do with the boys of Headlock Talk.  Also I'll be back in a few days with Audio on my predictions for AEW Full Gear!

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