New Japan Cup 2021, Night 13 and 14, Semi Finals and Finals Match Predictions

So here we are, the semi finals, and finals.  This has been a very interesting tournament, I never would have thought that Okada, and Naito would be gone in round one, I never would have thought David Finlay would even smell the semi finals and that he'd beat Jay White to get there.  The fact of the matter is it's been a great tournament and I love the fact that I haven't been able to predict where this tournament would go.  So I'm gonna break down the semi finals matches and give my prediction for who I think wins the finals based on those predictions.  So here's the last updated bracket.

Night 13, Semi Finals

David Finlay vs. Will Ospreay

I've been saying for this whole tournament and even before it that The United Empire has been booked horribly and needed something to get them over as a group.  This is it for Ospreay as the leader.  He beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Zack Sabre Jr., and Sanda to get here.  I don't think anyone would have guessed who he'd be facing here, in David Finlay.  He beat Chase Owens, YOSHI-HASHI and the biggest surprise of his run here, Jay White.  Him beating Jay White was a huge surprise to many and I had Jay White in the finals pretty much since day one.  As for the history between these two, they've only faced each other one time ever in singles competition and it was in 2016 which was won by Ospreay but that won't really play a factor here.  This should be a really good match and if you've watched and of Finlay's work in IMPACT with Juice Robinson he's gotten so much better in the ring and I think this could be a hell of a match.  I think Ospreay will win and make it to the finals and what a finals it will be as I get to the next match.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Shingo Takagi vs. EVIL

It's not surprising to me one bit that EVIL is here he had the easiest route to the finals, getting a first round bye, then facing Jeff Cobb whose been booked horribly, and Toru Yano who shouldn't have been there.  Shingo on the other hand, beat the face of New Japan Pro Wrestling in the first round, Kazuchika Okada, Hirooki Goto, and KENTA to get here, all great matches but as soon as he beat Okada who was working with two slipped discs in his back and still had an amazing match, as soon as that happened that was evident enough for me to be a fast track to the finals.  You don't beat the face of the company and don't expect big things, and I've wanted big things for Shingo for all this time and this is the time.  EVIL who won this tournament last year and shocked the world turning on LIJ and joining Bullet Club, and winning the world title which still is unreal to me since he lost it months later.  I've mentioned numerous times I didn't think EVIL was the right person for that spot, to me it should have been Sanada, regardless of that this should be a fine match, I hope there isn't any shenanigans like EVIL had in the Yano match because that would be very annoying.  Shingo should absolutely win and move on to the finals and face my earlier pick Will Ospreay in a hell of a match.

Winner: Shingo Takagi

Night 14, Finals

Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay

So here we are, this is my predicted finals based on the previous two predictions, Shingo Takagi versus Will Ospreay.  Based on history, these two have faced twice, their first meeting is an amazing match that everyone should watch from Best of the Super Juniors 2019, and their second meeting was in a G1 block match from last year that was fine but nowhere near as good as their first meeting.  I fully expect a match like that first meeting here.  These two are two of the best workers in the entire company, and if I'm right and this is the final, I absolutely cannot wait to watch it.  I mentioned earlier how Shingo beating Okada is huge for his career and that alone is and has been my reason for him going to the finals and winning it all and I'm sticking by that.  Will Ospreay has needed something big since creating The United Emprie and him getting to the finals is a huge deal but, Shingo has to win here.  There will be more opportunities for Ospreay, I wish they didn't get rid of the Intercontinental Championship because that was where I'd have him move from here, maybe a US Title shot is what's next for him, Shingo Takagi will win it all here and I can't wait to see him get a World title shot.

Winner: Shingo Takagi

So that's gonna do it for me, I've enjoyed writing these prediction articles for the New Japan Cup and I hope everyone has enjoyed them.  There's been a lot of great matches and these matches should be just as good if not better.  I hope I'm right about the finals and even if I'm not I'm sure we still see a great finals match here.  Thanks again, and thanks for supporting me if you have.

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