The Undertaker Has Done it All

Survivor Series 1990, Ted DiBiase introduced us to the newest star in the WWE, his name, The Undertaker.  A few years before this though, the man, Mark Callaway, started his wrestling career in 1984 for numerous different federations during the latter end of the territory days.  The man has been entertaining for over thirty-five years.  This past Friday, WWE did a disservice to the man which I will get into for the main reason of this article. 

So being an attitude era kid, I grew up loving, The Rock, Steve Austin, DX, etc. all the great personalities of the era but nobody reinvented themselves in this time quite like The Undertaker, seeing how long his career has been there's been a lot of ups and downs.  At the beginning and most of the early 90s Undertaker was treated as an attraction to put him over big guys that were a lot of times a one and done feud for him, just to show the "powers" of the Undertaker, to the Lord of Darkness, to The American Badass, To Big Evil, to the best incarnation, the return of the true Deadman Undertaker.


Now this is not a full career tribute, I might do that down the line, but I'm writing this because I just can't figure out after all this time, after everything he's done, why Undertaker continues to do this.  Almost twenty-nine years in WWE alone, he faced all the giants of the early 90s, legends, attitude era feuds that defined him, to his re-incarnation in 2004 that led to probably the best period of his career ever. 

For me, and a lot of people who seem to be saying the same thing, why does Vince continue to ask Undertaker to work a big match, when he clearly can't perform at the level he once could?  Also there's a ton (not even an exaggeration) of underutilized talent.  WWE made Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, Ricochet, Cesaro, Samoa Joe, Ali, among others, participate in a battle royal, that literally meant nothing.  If you are gonna force your talent to make that kind of trip around the world, at least use these top level talents accordingly.  You know what would have been a better main event, Seth Rollins versus Roman Reigns, two of the top CURRENT guys who can fill an arena no matter what.  A five year old could have booked a better card for this Saudi Show.

Undertaker has been the good soldier, for too long, and again after everything he's done, the championships, the streak, the years of putting his body through so much to entertain us the fan, let the man live his life after wrestling.  Start utilizing the loaded talent pool you have, stop relying on the past, and being a hypocrite for exactly what you accused WCW of in 95'.  I don't want this to turn into a "What's wrong with the current product?" article, regardless, I and a lot of other fans don't need talent like, Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Goldberg, and even John Cena, who don't need to be the center of an event anymore even if its over seas.  None of them have anything else to prove and their names don't need to be on a show to sell it.  Let these legends move on from this, especially the Undertaker, whose career probably should have ended after the streak ended, because after that, there was nothing left to prove, there was no reason for him to continue putting his body through hell to entertain the fans.

That's going to do it for me today, look out for future projects and more articles to come, for now I'm MikeJC signing off.

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